You are my weakness

You know that feeling you get when you see those girls in the music videos. Yeah, you know what i'm talking about. That feeling you get. That burning wish that someday that could be you.

When you get there the dreams continue.
Could one of them maybe, just maybe grow feelings for you... Or will you forever just live in the dream.?

When will he realise that 'love is like a rubber band held at both ends by two people. When one hurts the other.'


9. Chapter 9: Mom?

Chapter 9: Mom?



I turned over and blinked a few times, adjusting to the sudden amount a light.

Wait a second... This isn´t my room?!.

" Morning beautiful"

I turned my head to see Ashton sitting up against the wall eyes locked on the tv screen in front of him.

And then it hit me.......!

" OH GOD ASH..... I was suposed to be home at 11 yesterday! My mom is gonna kill me!", I freaked while jumping out of bed moving towards the door, but got stopped by a sudden hand around my wrist.

" Calm down babe, she called you this morning."

" Huh?" I starred at him in confusion.

" She called. I simply told her where you were and that you were completely fine."

" YOU WHAT?!" I screamed right in his face which made him wince.

He lifted his hand to comfort me but I shook it off.

" Kat, listen. It´s no big deal......"

" NO BIG DEAL ASH.....SHE DOESN´T EVEN KNOW ABOUT US!", I screamed heading towards the door grabbing my shoes.

" Please baby, let me at least give you a ride home", he pleated standing in the doorway, still all shocked.

I took a few seconds to go through my options.

1. I could walk home and get even later home.

Or 2. I could get a ride home but risk that Ash would be seen by my parents.

" Ok, but hurry up!." I gave in and kneeled down to tie my shoes, while he ran to his room to grab a shirt and his car keys.


10 silent minutes went by, before we pulled up the in my driveway.

“ I´m really sorry Kat, I didn´t know” 

I turned to him. He was so damn attractive. His hair was all messed up, he smiled lightly, dimples showing and his hazel eyes was sparkling in the dim light.


I leaned in and placed a kiss to his lips before leaning back in my seat.

“ It´s ok. I´m just a little nervous.”

“ Do you want me to come?”

“ No, but could you please just stay here so I have you close if anything happens.”

“ I promise”

“ I love you Ash” I whispered.

“ I love you too “ he answered, taking my hand, pulling me in for another kiss.




I followed her with my eyes as she stepped out the car and slowly walked up the few stairs to the front door. She turned to look at me and gave me a worried smile, before turning to open the door and step inside.

What have I done?

I don´t want her to get in trouble!.

I don´t want to get in trouble!.

A few minutes went by and the door opened slowly to reveal a even more nervous looking Katherina.

I hesitated a little but stepped out of the car and went up to her.

" What happened?"

I used my right hand to make her look at me.

" They want you to come inside to have dinner. They saw your car outside"

She mumbled refusing to look me in the eyes, she was just nervous. I was too.

What would her parents possibly think when they find out she´s dating a drummer in a world famous band. 

Just what parents want for their 17 year old daughter! 

I squeezed her hand softly as she opened the door and I followed her inside.

Memories from the day the boys and I came over here when Kat was sick came rushing over my mind and I couldn´t help but smile.

I felt her shiver lightly and I could tell she was really nervous, so I leaned down and planted a kiss to her forhead, as a woman with a huge smile stepped into the room. 

She looked about 40 years old, had short brown hair and blue eyes just like Kat.

Still holding Kat´s hand I stepped forward and held out my right hand towards the woman I assumed was mrs. Briggs for her to shake.

"Mom, this is Ashton",deep breath," My boyfriend."

I rubbed my thumb against the back of her hand, trying to calm her down.

" Nice to meet you mrs. Briggs"

I shook her hand smiling.

" Hello Ashton, nice to meet you too. Just call me Emily. But now you will have me excused. I need to get back to the food" Then she smiled looking down at me and Kat´s intertwined hands before leaving the room.



A little boy, looking around same age as my brother Harry, came running into the room and straight over to Kat, who kneeled down and embraced him with open arms. 

" Hi Brandon, did you have a nice day?" She answered with a lowered voice.

" Yes, and you know what? Mom got me a stuffed Kangaroo" The little boy answered smiling bright, but when he turned and saw me his smile faded and he grabbed Kat´s hand. 

" Who is that?" He asked shyly pointing to me.

I smiled lightly as I kneeled down so I was in the same hight as the little boy.

" Hi Brandon, I´m Ashton, Kat´s boyfriend."

" Ewww" the little boy whined as he hid his face in kat´s shirt.

" Do you kiss him then?" He asked looking up at her. 

" Yes I do" She said chuckling as she used her free hand to pull me in for a quick peck on the lips.

" Eww, that´s disgusting" He whined as he once again hid his face in her shirt. 

I couldn´t help but picture Harry here. He would love Brandon and not less Kat.

She was really good with children.

She leaned down and whispered something in Brandon´s ear and a huge smile appeared on his face and he ran over to me, pulling lightly on the hem of my shirt.

" Is it true that you are playing the drums?"

I smiled lightly, lifting up the little boy.

" Yes I am. I´m playing in a band with my best friends", I told him making a confused expression spread across his face.

" You talk funny?! Were are you from?" He asked poking me, making Kat and I to burst out laughing.

" He is from Australia, therefore he has an australian accents." Kat inform him smirking at me.

" Like my kangaroo" Brandon yelled excited.

" Yes, just like you kangaroo" Kat assured him smiling, as I sat him back down.


( Skip to after dinner)



Everything went surprisingly well.

Ash and I was sitting in the living room while my mom was in the kitchen cleaning up.

There was football in tv and my dad and Ash were discussing the game.

A common interest of theirs apparently.?

I figured that Ash was in a good company and went to the kitchen to help my mom, doing the dishes.

" Oh Kat. Glad you came, I would like to have a word with you", she said in a serious tone as soon as I stepped into the kitchen.

" Mom, Ash is........"

" A really nice guy." She interupted me smiling.

" Thanks mom." I squealed and jumped up and down before embracing her in a hug.

She laughed at my silliness for a bit before getting serious and leaning back aganst the kitchen counter.

" But...."

Oh, here we go!

" Just remember that you are 17 and he´s 20." 

I looked at her in confusion,

" And where exactly are you going with this.?"

" Just that he is 3 years older than you and he will want more than you are ready for, more than you can give him." she said while resting her hands against my cheeks rubbing them with her thumbs.

" I promise mom. Ashton is a good guy. I promise he is the right one for me."

A slight knock moved my attention to the door to see Ashton peek in.

" I think I´ll head home now, thanks for dinner mrs. Briggs it was delicious."

" Oh any time" Mom answered, smiling at Ashton.

I walked him out in the hall and made sure to close the door to the kitchen before turning to Ash.

" I hope this wasn´t to weird.?"

" No, not at all. I like your familiy." He smiled brightly dimples showing.

I tiptoed in front of him poking his left dimple making him giggle, before pressing my lips to his.




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