You are my weakness

You know that feeling you get when you see those girls in the music videos. Yeah, you know what i'm talking about. That feeling you get. That burning wish that someday that could be you.

When you get there the dreams continue.
Could one of them maybe, just maybe grow feelings for you... Or will you forever just live in the dream.?

When will he realise that 'love is like a rubber band held at both ends by two people. When one hurts the other.'


17. Chapter 17: Hilton

Chapter 17: Hilton


“Kat?…Kat?…Love? Wake up” Ashton whispered gently, shaking me lightly. 

“ Uh not now Ash” I mumbled back not opening my eyes, while trying to cuddle into his warm chest again. “ No baby, seriously. We have arrived, we need to get off the plane. As much as I want to let you sleep and carry you all the way through the airport, i’m afraid they’ll need you awake at the passport check.” He rambled, brushing his right hand gently against my back.

Eventually we got off of the plane and through the security check and went to the main hall of the airport and to our surprise about 30 fans all waited to see us.

 I don’t understand, how do they get to know everything?. I mean how do they find out where the boys are going? What time? Literally everything there is to know?. 

I quickly realized that the fact that Ashton was traveling along with `the girl´ from ´The music video´  seemed like a pretty unpopular idea to the fans, and I turned my attention to look at him with a worried expression. After all we had tried to keep our relationship private, not that the fans hadn’t seen us together. We just hadn’t confirmed that we were a thing yet. “ It’s ok Kat. We’ll just walk through the crowd, say Hi, snap a couple of pictures and then go to the car. “

I looked at him with a skeptical expression but eventually gave in, grabbing his hand and heading towards the crowd. As soon as the waiting teenage girls caught sight of their long expected idol, a wave of screams and yelling went through the hall, making the other travelers turn around. Ashton didn’t one second let go of my hand and everyone was so nice. It was actually a lot of fun and I was enjoying every bit of it, from him taking pictures with fans, writing autographs, to answering questions. 

“ Ashton! Ashton!” One girl yelled, dramatically waving a paper in the air, while pushing through the crowd. 

“ I’m from the twitter acc @/Aussie5SOSBoysUpdate. May I ask the two of you a couple of questions?.”

 She asked shaking. Obviously she was freaked out by the fact that the Ashton Irwin was standing right in front of her. 

“ Of course you can sweetie. “ Ashton answered smiling, making the girl blush. 

“ Ok so, my first question is: Why are you here when the rest of the boys are still back in LA?” She asked, the paper shaking in her hand. 

“ I wanted to be with my family for some time.  “ Ashton replied, making the girl take notes on her paper.

 “ And errrrhhm??!” 

She looked down at the next question, then at me, and back down at the paper making my body tense. This was about me, without a doubt. 

“ Also the fandom has started wondering… You and Kat were kissing in your new music video and you have been seen hanging out together a lot after that.. Are you guys a thing?” 

I gave Ashton a pleading look, not wanting him to reveal our relationship just yet. The news would come up with lies for a good story and the fans would go absolutely mental.

“ Ehh no, Kat and I are just friends “ he informed the girl, making her nod her head. 


“ Bye, everyone it was nice to see you all showing up here tonight, but we need to go now. “ Ashton yelled out to the crowd as a black car pulled up outside the huge glass door to the terminal. 

We both waved goodbye to the fans and stepped into the car.

Ashton told the hotel’s address to the driver and soon we were on our way through Sydney’s dark night streets. 

It was Friday night and people were roaming the streets,  making the whole city seem alive.  

The many lights and huge neon signs from the many buildings made the night sky disappear into a colorful blur above the Skyline.

Eventually the car pulled up in front of a huge hotel. 

We both stepped out and Ashton payed the driver while I looked around. 

“ Welcome to Hilton baby.” Ash whispered in my ear, before placing a kiss to my cheek. 

It was huge! 

A little man in a light brown jacket came and took our suitcases and we walked to the lobby. 

The lobby consisted of a huge bar, 10 elevators, a restaurant and an area with games and other fun. 

“ Kat, babe. Could you go and get the keys while I do something really quick please? “ He asked giving me a flashing smile.

“ Erhm Oh, Ok.” I answered not sure of what the hell was going on. 

I slowly went in the direction of the check in area, where a line of well dressed men and woman stood behind a long counter. 

I slowly looked back to see that Ashton had already disappeared, before stepping forward and slowly approaching a middle-aged woman with red lipstick and green eyes who was standing behind the counter.

“ Excuse me Madam. There should be a room booked under the name Irwin?” I said hesitating a little. 

The woman behind the counter with the name tag saying Joelle, looked up at me shortly before looking back down at her screen, typing.

“ Yes, that will be suite 419 on 8th floor.” She informed handing me two key cards. 

Suite.. was he serious?! That boy was unbelievable!

“ Enjoy your stay Mrs. Irwin”

Mrs. Irwin? I liked that, but it would be nice to wait a good 5 years to get married though…

“ Erhm ,thank you” I answered awkwardly taking the keys from her hand, before turning around to go to where I last saw Ashton.

A couple of minutes went by, and he came around the corner with a champaign bottle lifted above his  head.

“ Did you get the keys?” He asked as he came up to me, grabbing my hand with his free one. 

“ Yes I did, a key to a suite Ashton.” I answered seriously, watching a smile appear on his face. 

“ Great then.” 

“ A normal room would have been enough Ash. We are only two people.” 

" Yeah, but I wanted to give you the best of the best for your birthday" he informed smiling, as we both began walking towards the elevators and waited till a ' L ' appeared above one of the elevator doors, signaling that it now was on lobby plan.

 " Ash, it doesn't matter to me if you booked a suite or a normal room. The point is that it's you I'm gonna spend my time on this hotel with." I continued, as we stepped into the elevator, making sure to put pressure on 'you'.

He looked at me smiling, quickly pecking my lips, before the elevator stopped at 8th floor.

We only had to pass a few corners till we found the right room and unlocked the door.

To my surprise our suitcases were already brought up.

I slowly walked into the room, taking my time to get a good look around.

A huge king sized bed stood up against a cream colored wall and a huge window showed the lights from the skyline. If you looked really close you could see the opera house in the background right behind the many buildings, and if you looked along the outer walls of the hotel, a pool on the lower roof appeared.

I could have been standing there forever looking at Sydney´s nightlife but my thoughts got interrupted as two strong arms rapped around my waste.

“ Wanna go for a swim? “ He mumbled while placing a trail of kisses along my neck.

I closed my eyes for a second, enjoying the feeling of his warm lips against my skin.

“ The pool is closed Ashton… it’s 11pm.” I answered turning around to face him.

“ Well, I can’t see the problem.” He continued half smirking.

“ What do you mean?” I furrowed my eyebrows, not quite understanding where he was going with this unclear statement.

“ Just go and change and I’ll show you.” 

I quickly went and grabbed my bikini from my suitcase, and went to the bathroom to change. 

Lastly I topped it all of  with a loose dress so I wouldn’t have to walk through the entire hotel in only bikini.

When I walked back in the room, Ashton was already waiting by the door, already changed.

“ Ready to go?” He smiled grabbing two towels and a keycard, holding his other hand out for me to take..


Not many people walked around the hotel at this time, so the small walk to the pool went by pretty fast.

It was 15 minutes to midnight when we arrived by the pool, which was surrounded by a gate.

“ Look, it’s not allowed to use the pool at this time.” I pointed to a sign hanging at the gate.

“ Well, we´re gonna do so anyway. “ He replied signaling for me to come closer.

I slowly stepped closer and grabbed his hand to help me crawl over.

Once I was safe on the other side, he threw the towels and the keycard to me and made his way over himself. 

“ Aren’t we gonna get in trouble?”

“ Only if we get caught.” He replied half smirking, as he lifted his shirt over his head.

I slowly removed my dress and went to the stairs that went into the water.

Ashton on the other hand jumped right in, not even feeling the temperature of the water first.

“ C´mon in!” He yelled excitedly making me giggle.

“ But it’s cold” I whined, at this point only standing in water to my knees.

He looked at me for a couple go seconds before walking in my direction with a devilish smirk on his face.

“ No!” I said firmly, knowing exactly what he was thinking.

“ No, no, no stop,” I repeated as he didn’t seem to stop.

I was about to step back when a pair of hands grabbed mine and pulled me in.

My whole body automatically tensed up by the contact with water and my arms rapped around my body as a reflex to the cold water.

“ You´re so beautiful Kat. You shouldn’t cover up your body like that.” He said, moving my hands away with his own.

“ I’m not. I’m just freezing, that’s all.” 

I slowly lifted my hands, and rested them loosely around his neck.

“ Good, cause you are the most attractive and most perfect girl I’ve ever laid eyes on.”

I felt the heat flush to my cheeks and I instinctively leaned in.

His soft lips moving gently against mine made butterflies appear in my stomach.

Not only because of the kiss but because of the whole scenario.

My surroundings, the fact that I was in Australia, the pool, the hotel.

Everything was just so perfect and I couldn’t believe how I got this lucky.

Our lips moved in perfect sync as if they were made for this.

I lifted my hand to the back of his neck, curling my fingers into hair, tugging lightly at the ends.

He slowly pushed me backwards up against the edge of the pool.

I felt his tongue against my bottom lip, and I slowly parted my lips.

“ Jump “ He mumbled against my lips, making me wrap my legs around his waist. 

His hands roamed my bare skin creating the feeling of electricity.

He pressed me further up against the wall, sliding a hand to my hip, but quickly pulled away as a voice of a man filled the pool area.

“ Is someone here?!

“ Quick.”
Ashton grabbed my hand and pulled me up from the water.

An old man with a flashlight walked across the roof, and we just reached the corner of the building in time not to get busted.

We both giggled (of course not loud enough to get heard), as the man turned around rather confused by the fact that the two people he had just seen, had seemed to disappear. 

“ See ,I said we would get in trouble.”

“ Well, we didn’t get caught did we?” He laughed as the man went back inside.









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