You are my weakness

You know that feeling you get when you see those girls in the music videos. Yeah, you know what i'm talking about. That feeling you get. That burning wish that someday that could be you.

When you get there the dreams continue.
Could one of them maybe, just maybe grow feelings for you... Or will you forever just live in the dream.?

When will he realise that 'love is like a rubber band held at both ends by two people. When one hurts the other.'


15. Chapter 15: Surprise

Chapter 15: Surprise



We drove in silence until we turned to a well known street and stopped in front of the familiar building.

I guess he had planned to watch a movie and cuddle on the coach.

Ash made his way over to my side of the car... what a gentleman!, and grabbed my hand, helping me step out.

" You are sleeping at my place tonight, if you don't mind" He informed, as we walked up the few stairs.

" Oh, no I don't mind. But do my parents know that I won't come home tonight?"

(Such a good girl!)

He slowly turned to look at me as we stopped infront of the front door to his house.

" Trust me. They know and they agreed after a long and really awkward coversation with your dad about how you are to young to get pregnant!" 

How embarresing!

I mentally faced palmed and looked away to hide my burning cheeks.

His hand placed itself on my cheek, turning my head to face him.

" Hey, it's ok. You know I'll wait until you're ready. Don't worry." 

He leaned down and placed a kiss to my forhead before turning to lock up the door, but didn't open it.

What was he doing?

He bit his lip, while searching my eyes nervously still resting his left hand on the handle.

I swear thay guy has the most wonderfull eyes i'm telling ya'.

" Kat please don't kill me" 

" What, Ashton? What are you talking about? Why would I kill you?" I asked slightly nervous.

I clearly looked like a giant question mark, but by the smirk on his lips I guess that would change soon. 

The door swung open and revealed the 5sos boys and all of my old friends.


I lifted my hand to my mouth in shock and Ashton laughed beside me.

" Happy birthday baby"

" Ashton!" I whined , " I said I didn't want to celebrate!"

" I know, but I just couldn't allow your 18th birthday to pass by without a proper celebration." 

Even though I asked him not to, I couldn't believe he would actually do all this to me.

" KAT!" 

I snapped my head away from Ashton and in the direction of the two familiar voices.

Two girls squeezed in between the many guests and embraced me in a massive group hug by the second they reached me. 

" OMG! Madison, Kamilla!. I can't believe you are actually here!" I yelled in excitement, not letting go of my two best friends of all time. I had grown up with these girls and they meant abseloutely everything to me. We used to do everything together, but that suddently came to an end when my dad got a job in Los Angeles, and we had to move from New York, and shortly after I won the competetion to be in the music video. 


" We couldn't just miss your 18th birthday could we?" Kamilla laughed as she moved over beside Ashton and slung an arm around his shoulder, " And when your boyfriend here asked your parents what you would want for your birthday, they answered that you missed us. Sooo Ashton called and asked if we would be interested in celebrating, and here we are." 

I couldn't help but laugh at her blabbering. She was always so over excited.

My eyes met Ashton's and I mouthed a silent `Thank you´ before heading of in the direction of the other guests.


As the time went by it slowly turned out that Madison and Kamilla weren't the only New Yorker kids here. Looks like Ashton had invited every single person I had ever known.

Everyone seemed to get along, old friends as well as new ones. 

It also turned out that Calum, Michael and Luke had prepared the party while Ashton and I had been out. Ashton's living room was turned into a massive dance floor, where sweaty teenagers now were grinding on one another. 

Speaking of the devil.

Where was Ashton? I hadn't seen him since the party started and that's almost an hour ago.

I quickly jumped up onto the nearest table to get a better view, not caring about the couple of shot glasses that I kicked on the floor by accident.

Wow, Ashtons living room sure as hell seemed a whole lot smaller now, compared to the huge amount of people that was packed up in it!

Madison was grinding, or dancing if you prefer, in the middle of the dance floor, against her boyfriend Austin who also  had traveled all the way from New York

Kamilla was obviously already some kind of tipsy. She was sitting on Calum's lap in the corner of the room, both of them with a drink in their hands. 

" Looking for someone?" A dark male voice asked somewhere behind me.

" Oh no thanks, i'm just looking for my boyfriend." I answered tiptoeing to get a better view of the crowd.

" Oh well, will a previous boyfriend be good enough maybe?" The now familiar guy behind me asked, making me freeze to my spot immediately.

I breathed in deeply twice, before finally turning to face the one guy I never belived I would get to see again.

" Happy birthday princess. Need a hand?" He asked smirking, referring to the fact that I still was standing on top of the table.

" Don't call me that Brad. I'm not you princess anymore!" I aswered coldly,pushing away his hand before kneeling down to jump off of the table. 

" Aw c'mon, don't you miss me?" He asked pulling at my hand so I was facing him.

" No Brad I don't, and to your information I have a boyfriend, and we are in his house at the moment, so you better not try anything.!" I said firmly, pulling my hand free of his grip.

" Oh please! C'mon let's go upstairs." He suggested, lifting his hand hand to my cheek, leaning dangerously close to me.

" Brad, stop!" I raced my voice, stepping back bumping into the wall.

A smirk spread across his face and it started to get really uncomfortable.

" STOP! " I yelled out again, raising my hand to slap him, but got stopped by a hand gripping onto my wrist.

 Ashton was now standing by my side, pulling me into his arms, while staring firmly at Brad who had a surprised expression on his face.

" Brad, I think I'll take over from here!" He said coldly, signalling to Brad that he better turn around and leave.

Which he did without a further argument. 

" I was waiting for the right moment but I guess now would be the right time. " Ashton said excitedtly, leaving me looking like a giant question mark.

" Right time for what?" 

" Let's go somewhere more privat" He laughed pulling at my hand.

Before I knew it we were standing in the backyard under the stars, far away from the noisy guests.

" So Kat, as you may have noticed I've not given you your present yet.." He started, taking both of my hands in his.

" I've been so unsure of what to get you, and I've asked everyone, but I just couldn't think of anything that would be as important and special as I want it to be. " He giggled nervously.

" And to be honest i'm not even sure what I think of this idea, but I've booked 2 plane tickets to Australia Sydney for next Saturday. I've found the most amazing hotel and you are going to meet my family." He announced smiling.

I couldn't belive my own ears!
I was going to Australia!.. and not just Australia, to Sydney!!

" OMG thanks Ash!" I squealed, basically jumping into his arms. " This is the best present ever!" 

" So you think it's a good idea.?" He laughed at my childishness.

" Of course it is you idiot!" I exclaimed wrapping my arms around him in a massive hug.

 I could stand here in his arms in the fresh night air forever.

I burried my face further into his chest sniffing in his scent. A perfect smell of cologne mixed with cinnamon and a bit of sweat.

"  We should get back to the party before anyone expect anything." he laughed, grabbing my hand, before walking back in the direction of the party.



I emptied the red cup in my hands as I stumbled my way through the room.

Let's just say that if Ashton wanted me to remember this night, he might need to refresh it all for me in the morning.

" Want one?" Kamilla asked, with a foolish drunk giggle, lifting a red cup above her head, as I reached her at the bar that had been sat up.

" Yes please" I yelled over the music grabbing the cup from her hand.

I quickly lifted the cup to my lips and swallowed sips of it, letting the strong liquid down my throat.

I have been drinking to many of these and to be honest i'm not sure how many 'many' is.

" There you are babe, i've been looking for you everywhere!" Calum yelled as he reached us, walking straight up to Kamilla.

His hand fell and grasped her butt but she didn't seem to mind, or maybe she was just to drunk to realise.

Were they a thing now?

Nah, i'm way to drunk to care.

The song from the stereo changed and Uptown Funk came on, making the crowd go abseloutly nuts.

Calum guickly grabbed Kamilla's hand a pulled her in the direction of the massive dancing crowd.

I sat down by the bar pouring a new glass of liquid before lifting it to my mouth. 

A hand was placed at my lower back and I jumped off of the chair and turned to face Ashton.

" Hey, babe!" He smiled, pulling me closer to his warm chest.

We stared into each other's eyes and I couldn't help slamming my lips against his.


I lifted my hands to his cheeks before letting one of them slide to his neck twisting it into his curls.

His hands slid further down ending up resting on my butt.

I bit down on his lip slowly, coercing a moan to escape his lips before stepping back, leaving him wanting more.

" You are such a tease" He whined sticking out his under lip into a pout.

I took a firm hold of his hand before pulling him up the stairs to his bedroom, locking the door behind me.

As soon as the door was closed I turned to press my lips against his once again.

I slowly push him backwards making the back of his knees touch the bed coercing him to fall backwards onto the bed, me landing on top.

" clumsy much," I chuckled, making both of us giggle into the kiss.

Ashton quickly flipped us over so he was now on top.

The mattress felt soft and endearing under my body as Ashton placed sweet open mouthed kisses along my jawline to the crook of my neck making a moan escape my mouth.

My fingers traveled under his shirt, desperate to feel the warmth of him.

I fumbled in my drunk state to find the hem of his shirt, pulling it over his head, breaking the kiss for a second.

His hands roamed over my body trying to find the zipper of my dress before helping me out of it, leaving me back in only underwear.

A trail of kisses were placed along my breasts ending at my stomach.

Was this really happening?!

I slid my hands along his toned chest to the zipper of his jeans but stopped as Ashton removed himself from me completely.

" Stop Kat, I can't do this. I'm not gonna take advantage of you like this. I don't want your first time to be a drunk mess. I love you and trust me I really, really want to but it's not supposed to happen like this!" He said looking at me for some kind of reaction.

I pulled up the sheets, suddenly feeling kind of nude.

" You should get some sleep princess and sober up. We can talk this through some other time." 

I slowly slid further down under the sheets to sleep, acting like a little kid that got sent to bed.

" Ok," I pouted dissapointed, making him giggle.

I starred at him as he pulled his shirt back on before making his way to my side of the bed.

" Goodnight princess. I love you." He whispered, leaning down to place a kiss to my forehead.



First I'll start out with the positive part of this.

I'VE REACHED OVER 4000 READERS!!!, And thanks to every single one of you it's unbelievable! :) 

Thank you so much!!! <3


Now to the less fun part. :(

Because of my readers number blowing up like this i've been thinking a lot.

Caause since my fav and likes doesn't really fit the number of readers, I can't help but think that the readers number is just a lot of people checking it out and not actually reading it.... Which gives me a REALLY hard time to actually take my time and write & get inspired because I can't tell if you are actually reading it and if you like it.


-So if you are reading this please fav and like it -,

Because then I can see that you enjoys it, want more and that you are not just somebody  opening this fanfic, not liking the story and therefore closing it.


This wasn't me trying to be a bitch and I hope you don't hate me. Cause honestly if you are reading this, YOU MEAN EVERYTHING TO ME AND I LOVE YOU! <3

Hope you all understand :)

Xoxo - me 









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