You are my weakness

You know that feeling you get when you see those girls in the music videos. Yeah, you know what i'm talking about. That feeling you get. That burning wish that someday that could be you.

When you get there the dreams continue.
Could one of them maybe, just maybe grow feelings for you... Or will you forever just live in the dream.?

When will he realise that 'love is like a rubber band held at both ends by two people. When one hurts the other.'


13. Chapter 13: Birthday

Chapter 13: Birthday



“ Happy birthday Kat!!!!” 

My brother came running through my door jumping into my bed with my parents following behind.

“ Aw thank you Brandon” I giggled picking up the small boy, placing him onto my lap.

“ Happy birthday honey” My mom smiled kindly as she shot a picture of my brother and I, making my eyes squeeze together because of the sudden amount of light.

“ I can’t believe you are turning 18 already” 

A tear of happiness formed in the corner of her eye and I couldn’t help but chuckle.

“ Aww mom. Don’t cry” 

Brandon jumped off my lap and ran out of the room while I stood up and used this chance to embrace both of my parents receiving a kiss on the forehead from both of them.

Soon Brandon entered the room with a paper raised high above his head.

“ I drew this for you.” He yelled excitedly pulling at the hem of my shirt wanting to be picked up.

I placed the little boy on my hip and he smiled widely as he pointed at the different things on the drawing.

“ That is you and Ashton,” He informed excitedly as he pointed at two of the persons at the paper.

“ And that…” He moved his hand to different place.

“ Is me and my stuffed kangaroo and you are taking us to disney land.” 

“ Nice try buddy,” I laughed as I sat him back down.


I swear I’ve never felt this old.

I mean 18 really i’m like a grown up, i’m legal.

My parents had made the most perfect breakfast table for me and I swear to god I won’t eat for the next many hours.

My phone vibrated in my pocket and I slowly pressed the button to see a text from Ash.


A: Good morning Princess <3 Happy Birthday. Did you sleep well? 


K: Morning :) I’m good. Miss you!


A: Miss you too :) I’ll pick you up in 10 minutes. I talked to your parents and they agreed that I could borrow you for today ;)


I hurried to the bathroom and curled my long hair and went down stairs putting on my boots.

“ I see you got the message from Ash” My mom rested against the kitchen counter smiling.

“ Yeah, I don’t know what we are going to do though” I confessed while bending down to tie the laces.

“ You are going to have a great time. He has been really excited for today.!”

Wait had she arranged this with Ashton?

“Wait for how long have you known about this?”

“ Since you told him that you didn’t want to celebrate.”

“ He better not…..”

We didn’t get to discuss this any further before a car pulled up in front of the house.

“ Oh he’s here, bye mom!”

I placed a quick kiss to her cheek before grabbing my purse walking out to the car.


The sun was shining bright and only a few clouds on the blue sky.

This was going to be an amazing day.

I just knew, even though I didn’t know what Ashton had planned for us just yet.


Ashton was standing against his car smiling as I made my way the few steps towards the car.

“ Happy birthday babe” He greeted excitedly as he bended down and placed a kiss to my lips, oooh so sweetly. 

Then he opened the door for me before heading around the car to his own side. 

“ So where are you taking me?” I asked as he got into his seat.

Was he taking me to a restaurant?,  or the local ferry again?.

I’m not very good at surprises.

“ You’ll see” He chuckled, placing his right hand at my thigh, keeping it there.


“ The studio?” I asked as we 10 minutes later pulled to the side in front of the studio we had visited a couple of days earlier.

“ There’s a couple of surprises for you in there so go ahead!” He almost sounded more excited than I did. He had probably been waiting for this day for some time now.

“ Wait, aren’t you coming with me?” I asked confused as he leaned over and opened my door, signaling for me to step out.

“ No, I’ll see you later tonight. John is in there he’ll send you to your next destination.” He told smiling.

“ Next destination?”

What has gone into this boy? How much had he planned for us. Or should I say me?. I don’t know.

“ Yup, there’s more than one. Now step out I’ve things I need to prepare.!” 

“ Ok ok, I’m going now” I assured as I pressed a kiss to his cheek, making his dimples appear.

“ See you later sunshine” He giggled as I stepped out of the car, closed the door and made my way  to the building.

“ Ohh there’s the birthday girl” John greeted when I entered the room going for a quick hug.

“ I do not assume you know what is going to happen?!” He said while giving me a questioning look.

I slowly shook my head waiting for him to explain.

“ So you know when you sang in here a couple of days ago.?

I nodded slowly, not knowing where he was going with this.

“ So I told Ashton and we agreed that you should record a song.” 

“ Really!” I yelled in excitement.

I couldn’t believe this.!
I Katerina Sophie Briggs was going to record a song in a real studio.

“ What do you want me to sing?”

“ Just sing the same song you sang last time. It was beautiful and then you can play the guitar too” He informed me sitting down at his spot behind the table with all the computers and buttons that was placed in front of the soundproof booth.

“ But I do not have a guitar and the boys brought home theirs after last time.” I reminded him.

“ Oh, I almost forgot.”

I looked at him confusion.

What was he talking about.

“ Go and take a look inside the booth.”  A huge smile spread across his face.

I slowly walked through the door and closed it behind me before finding my spot in the middle of the room so I faced John through the glass.

I picked up the headset that hang around the microphone stand and brought them onto my head.

“ So i’m inside. All ready. What now?” I asked into the mic.

“ Look to your right” He guided as I did what he told.

There in the corner of the room stood a beautiful brand new acoustic guitar with a little note taped to the fret. 


Happy birthday love.

Your father and I can’t believe that you are already turning 18.

We know that you have always loved music and when Ashton told about what was going to happen today we thought that this guitar would be the perfect gift for you.

Hope you’ll enjoy your day with Ashton.

Love - Mom and Dad 




I smiled as picked up the guitar and did a few strokes.

It sounded amazing.


“ That’s it for today” John smiled as I got out of the booth. “ You were amazing. You’re really talented.”

“ Thanks “ I smiled. “ I had a really fun time.”


I said my ‘thanks’ and ‘ goodbyes ‘ to John and he handed me over a note and told me that a limo was waiting for me outside, and that I should wait to read the note for when I reached the next destination.


It was my first time in a limo and I have to admit that it was super cool. It was like in a movie.

15 minutes past and the limo pulled up in front of small white building and I figured this was the right time to unfold the note.


Hi love :)

I hope you had fun in the studio.

I prepared this little something for you.


- Ash


I folded the small note and putted it in my purse before leaving the limo and entering the white building.

The building soon turned out to be a wellness and care center and I looked around trying to figure out were to go.


“ You must me Miss. Briggs” A rather small woman in a turquoise outfit asked.

She must have seen my confusion. 

“ Yes that’s me” I answered smiling.

“ Everything is ready. Follow me” She informed as she led the way to a small room.

It turned out that I was going to have a massage.

And god that was a.m.a.z.i.n.g.!


Everything took about an hour and before I left I got handed over a new note with same rules at last time: must not be opened before you reach your next destination.

Once again I entered the limo that had been waiting for me.

Ashton must have payed him double just to sit and wait for me in an hour.

What more had he planned for me.

This day had already made it to the list of the best days in my life it couldn’t possibly get any better.


Soon we pulled up beside the mall and I once again unfolded the note.


Last stop.

Love you <3




I slowly entered the store and got greeted by a totally over smiling shop assistant.

She was nice though.

“ Hi i’m Sarah and I’m gonna be your assistant today.” She informed me sticking out her hand for me to shake.

“ Mr. Irwin was here earlier today and picked everything out for you”

I had absolutely no idea what she was talking about but I just followed her to the back where she pulled a curtain aside, revealing the most beautiful dress I have ever seen in my whole life.

“ I’ll let you change” She said smiling, closing the curtain leaving me back with the incredible dress.

I took my time, taking of my clothes and stepped into the dress and pulled up the zipper.

It was so pretty and it fitted my body perfectly showing of my curves.

I heard steps outside and the shop assistant peaked in, before pulling back the curtains ones again.

“ You look stunning.” She said stepping back a little to admire the dress.

“ Yeah, it is. But it’s to expensive.” I said sadly turning around  looking at myself in the mirror.

“ Ohh, No need to worry about that. Mr. Irwin already payed for it along with a pair of earrings and stilettos.” She said matter of factly.

I couldn’t believe this. That boy most be insane. 

This most have been extremely expensive.!

The lady left and came back with a pair of stilettos and a small box and handed it over to me.

I kicked off my boots and slipped into the black high heels, which made me look a lot taller but still not as tall as Ash though.

Left was the small velvet box that contained the most beautiful earrings.

They were rose gold with small pearls on them.

I slowly lifted them up afraid that they would break and took them on.


I stepped back a little admiring myself in the mirror.

I must say I looked beautiful.


Soon the lady came back with a bag for me to bring my normal clothes in and I thanked her at least 10 times before I went back out to the limo.


He said that store was the last stop… Does that mean i’m gonna see him now?.

“ We are here Miss.” The driver sat as he pulled up in front of a fancy looking building for the last time. 

“ Thanks” I mumbled before stepping out to see the love of my life waiting in front of the entrance with a huge smile all over his face.

I swear to god he was adorable.!


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