You are my weakness

You know that feeling you get when you see those girls in the music videos. Yeah, you know what i'm talking about. That feeling you get. That burning wish that someday that could be you.

When you get there the dreams continue.
Could one of them maybe, just maybe grow feelings for you... Or will you forever just live in the dream.?

When will he realise that 'love is like a rubber band held at both ends by two people. When one hurts the other.'


12. Chapter 12: Studio

Chapter 12: Studio

" One more time guys. You need to concentrate." John (  Also known as Feldy. The boys producer) said into the speaker for the fourth time today. 

We had been in the studio for 3 hours now and the boys were struggling to record their new song.

The boys were currently in the booth while Feldy and I was sitting outside.

" But I can't concentrate when I'm freaking hungry!" Michael whined, cursing me to chuckle.

Of course Mikey was hungry.!

John leaned back in his chair and lifted his hand to his forhead as if he was giving up. 

" Ok, 30 minutes!" He announced.

Michael sighed in relief and they all put down their instruments and walked out of the soundproof booth.

" So, what do you think babe?" Ash asked as he sat down in the couch, pulling me onto his lap.

" You were amazing" I smiled as I pressed a kiss to his cheek making him giggle.

Aww that giggle.. I'l never get used to that!

"Who wants Subway" Michael yelled as he got out of the booth.

"Me" Ash and Cal said in unison.

Luke was sitting in the corner of the room scrolling through his phone and John was looking through some sound philes.

" What about you love?" Ash asked standing up.

" Uhh no thanks. I think I'll have a look around this place."

" Ok see you then" Ash smiled placing a small kiss to my forhead before he left through the door with Cal and Mikey. 

Luke and John hadn't moved so I just decided to look around the studio myself.

The walls were filled with platinum records and I must say that this whole studio was amazing.

Since the boys had their well deserved break I dicided to enter the soundproof booth while it was empty. 

This was like a dream. I remember when I was a little girl, I used to have this dream of being a world famous singer.

Mikey's acoustic guitar cought my eyes and I slowly walked closer picking it up. 

I ran my fingers along the fret lightly, starting to strum the chords to my favourite song.

A drop in the ocean. A change in the weather....." I sang closing my eyes.

How could anyone ever be tired of this?

This amazing feeling.?

" But i'm holding you closer than most, cause you are my heaven. You are my heaven." I ended the song letting out a deep breath, opening my eyes slowly.

" That was amazing!!!" 

I looked towards the window to see Luke and John staring at me with wide grins on their faces.

This was so embarrassing. This is why I gave up singing... I always end up being super nervous and freaks out.

I blushed and putted down the guitar and walked out of the booth immediately.

" You were fantastic!" Luke squealed excitedly pulling me in for a hug.

" T-thanks I guess" I blushed a deep red. No one had ever heard me sing since that one time in school where I had to perform and ended up shaking like crazy.

" Does Ash know about this talent of yours?" 

" No" I said trying to avoid eye contact.

" Listen Kat. If you ever want to, you can just come by and we can record something if you want?!" John offered and I nodded.

" Thank you. I'll think about it."

In the same second the three other boys made their way into the studio laughing and giggling.

' Please don't tell ' I mouthed to Luke and he slowly nodded his head while taking a bite of Cal´s sandwich.


" I you ready to go home?" Ash asked 2 hours later when they were done recording.

" Yeah, it has been a long day."

" I know babe. I'll give you a ride home."





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