You are my weakness

You know that feeling you get when you see those girls in the music videos. Yeah, you know what i'm talking about. That feeling you get. That burning wish that someday that could be you.

When you get there the dreams continue.
Could one of them maybe, just maybe grow feelings for you... Or will you forever just live in the dream.?

When will he realise that 'love is like a rubber band held at both ends by two people. When one hurts the other.'


10. Chapter 10: Anniversary

Chapter 10: Anniversary


I'm really sorry that this first comes up now. But movellas deleted this chapter when they were updating and I did not have a copy of it so I had to write it all over again.

But thanks for reading! :)


" Let´s go on this one!" Ash said grabbing my hand, pulling me towards the ferris wheel. 

It was our 2 moths anniversary and Ash had decided to bring me to the local fair.

" I don´t know Ash, heights isn´t really my thing" I whined, pulling back on his hand to make him stop in his tracks.

" C´mon Kat, I promise nothing is going to happen. I won´t let you fall" he said stroking my left cheek.

He was acting like a little boy christmas morning and I couldn't help but laugh at his excitement.

" Ok then, but if I die it's your fault!" I giggled and placed a kiss on his cheek, before grabbing his hand.

After a couple of minutes in line we took our seats and sat across from each other.

The wheel started to move and we got higher and higher and it was getting dark.

We just sat there in silence, enjoying each others company.

It was getting more windy the higher we got, and I couldn't help but shiver.

Of course Ashton noticed.

" Are you cold?"

" I'm ok, it's just a little."

But before I knew it he moved and sat beside me making it wobble a bit and wrapped his arms around me.


"Mmhh" I mubled as I nuzzled closer to him.

The view was amazing as the wheel stopped at the top.

All the lights from the buildings got reflected in the water beneath us.

" Sooo, I guess this is the point where i'm supposed to share a 2 months anniversary kiss with my lovely girlfriend.?!"

I looked up to see him smirking.

" I wouldn't mind that." I giggled as I leaned up to reach his soft lips.

" I love you"

" I love you too"


" Thanks for dinner Ash. It was really delisious." I thanked as he turned the key and opened the door to his apartment.

" No prob, thanks for keeping me accompany."

We stepped in and he closed the door behind me, and took my jacket.

What a gentleman.

I slowly walked to the small living room and sat down at the couch. Memories from a couple of months ago, when we played 20 questions came up in my head, making me smile.

A few minutes past and a thick delicious smell of popcorn filled my nostrils.

In came a smiling Ashton with a huge bowl of popcorn.

He sat down the bowl of popcorn on the small table and went to turn on the movie.

A handfull of popcorn later and the movie came onto the screen, making Ashton stand and sit down next to me, pulling the bowl onto his lap.

" Mean girls, for real?. " I laughed as I leaned into his chest.

" It was the first movie we ever watched together. I just thought it would be fun.!" He defended pouting.

( 10 minutes later)

Of course we didn't watch the movie. We had obviously both seen the movie a milllion of times and we had just ended up talking.

" So your birthday is in a week. Anything exciting happening?" Ash asked as he sat the empty popcorn bowl at the table.

" Nothing actually. I don't really like parties."

What I said was true. I didn't like parties. It always ended up being extremely akward. Drunk people and all that attention. It just freaks me out.

" What do you mean nothing? It's your 18th birthday. You gotta celebrate. Throw a party, get drunk, go wild. Have fun.!"

" I don't know Ash. I just wanna celebrate with you." I smiled poking his cheek.

A smile appeared on his face making his dimples show.

I lifted my hands to his cheeks and leaned in pressing my lips against his. I felt him smile into the kiss pulling me closer.

I lifted my hands to his hair as a pair of hands traveled down my back to my bum making me gasp.

My whole body was on fire, craving more.

Two strong hands grabbed my sides, pulling me onto his lap as he licked my bottom lip asking for entrance. I parted my lips slightly, letting him.

I slowly let my hand run down his chest, leaning back on the couch making him hover above me.

Small gentle kisses traveled from the corner of my lip, down my jaw line, over my collar bones to my neck, and then back repeating the same action.

I let out a deep breath and pulled his hair making his lips meet mine again.

A deep pasionate kiss. I had never been this far before and my mind was going crazy.

His hands were everywhere and soon I found them by the hem of my shirt tugging at it.

" Ash." I took his hand making him stop his actions.

" Babe, what's wrong.?"

" I'm so sorry. I can't do this." I mumbled avoiding to look him in the eyes.

" It's ok Kat. Don't worry." He whispered placing one last gentle kiss to my lips.

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