You are my weakness

You know that feeling you get when you see those girls in the music videos. Yeah, you know what i'm talking about. That feeling you get. That burning wish that someday that could be you.

When you get there the dreams continue.
Could one of them maybe, just maybe grow feelings for you... Or will you forever just live in the dream.?

When will he realise that 'love is like a rubber band held at both ends by two people. When one hurts the other.'


1. Chapter 1: Pool accident

Chapter 1: Pool accident.


Kat´s P.O.V


I still couldn't believe it.... That I actually had won the contest to be in the music video. And the fact that I was here in LA, recording with my biggest idols was just crazy. And the boys.... They were just so sweet and funny. I remember back home were I used to stay up at night, watching live streams.... And every time I used to freak out and cry about it. I remember people calling it ridiculous, calling them ridiculous.... Calling me ridiculous because of the fact that I completely gave away my social life for 4 boys I would never meet.... Who didn't even knew I existed. But they were wrong.... Now they knew I existed.... I had met them..... And I absolutely loved them.!


I quickly snapped out of my thoughts as I got interrupted by the video director.


" So basically all you have to do is to jump into the pool... And just have fun.... Since it's one of the last scenes, I hope you all will enjoy it since you deserve it.... Got it.?"


" yeah got it.!" I heard Ashton behind me as all of us got to our different spots and got ready.


" and... ACTION.!!"


We all began running towards the pool.... Michael reached it first and jumped in yelling something... We all started laughing including himself. I stopped when I reached the each still laughing, trying to get myself together from laughing before I would jump in. But just as I was about to someone bumped into me from behind, and I slipped... The back of my head hit the corner of the pool...... And everything went completely black.!

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