Ramble On

I just need to vent honestly.


1. Bad mood

I'm not here to get readers - and I know I'll get hate for this (if someone reads this), but I honestly dislike Movellas. Not because of the website, or the readers/writers, but simply because I am unaccustomed to this.

I only write this on this site because it is the only writing website that my friends are not following me one. Basically, if you will, a personal journal.

I am sad and angry.

Firstly I'm in love. He doesn't like me though, and it wouldn't work out if we were in a relationship because of... complications, if you will. I assure you, I will not claim to love someone so lightly. Saying it means I admit to my feelings, and though I do try to get over him all the time, it simply does not work.

Then there's the fact that I basically feel hated by everyone. My best friend basically ditched me for her boyfriend, my other friends don't seem to understand me, and, to sum this up, I feel lost. In fact, I'm currently venting on a website just so I won't burst and cause trouble that can be avoided.

I want to stay in my room and sleep, eat and read. Not write because I basically write stories that relate to my desires. And I become more upset.

I've been gloomy for some time now. I feel so separate. I talk with everyone, put on a fake smile when all I want is to stay at home and drink coffee and watch Harry Potter. I talk easily with anyone. I just know how to end off conversations, drag them on, and ugh. I don't feel good. It's like I get ready for my façade every morning, when really I day dream about finding ways to hug the guy I'm in love with.

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