The Lieutenant

Ariah Gonzalez local sweetheart in Brooklyn New York bumps into the arms of a returning Lieutenant Jacob Perez. She never thought someone could change her life like he did.


1. Bumping into Him


Niyah POV.


I was at home with my husky Mango watching T.V. and my ex rang the doorbell

Niyah:Go away Jon Jon.

Johnathan:Just let me in.


He put something on the ground and I heard his footsteps walking away and I opened the door and saw a box with all my stuff in it and he came from behind and grabbed me and I laughed and he pushed me inside closing the door and I grabbed his arm and flipped him onto the floor and he groaned holding his back

Johnathan:What was that for?!?

Niyah:Because I want you out of my apartment and out of my life!



I picked him up and pushed him out my apartment slamming and locking the door. I sat back on the couch and looked at Mango

Niyah:You must have to pee?

He licked my arm and I laughed and put him on his leash and got dressed: oversized grey sweater, turquoise white grey and black tribal print leggings, black ugg boots, turquoise scarf, black pearl earrings.

and grabbed the end of his leash and walked out the apartment and looked the hallway to see if my annoying landlord was waiting on me to exit and a sigh of relief left my lungs and I took the stairs down and ran out the back exit and walked to the park and let him off his leash and sat down on a bench as he ran off to play with his friends and played Don't Tap The White on my phone and someone aimed for the trash can and the paper bag fell on the ground. My ocd instincts forced me to reach down and pick it up and I bumped heads with someone with a lot of hair making me fall on my ass. Holding my throbbing forehead I looked up and saw a camo army jumpsuit thing with cute black boots and looked up a little more was a hand outstretched to me pulling me off the ground and to my feet. I moved my hand from my head and met the eyes of the most beautiful man I've ever seen. He had soft smooth caramel skin, a cute and sexy curly afro adding inches to his not much more than mine height, straight white teeth, complemented by a sexy smile and an amazing figure (6 pack under his all white tee, big bulging muscles (but not too big), and cute calves (even though I couldn't see them)). Was staring back at me smiling like he was looking at jennifer Lopez’s butt. Our eyes met and his face flushed with embarrassment as he quickly reached down and tossed the bag in the trash and standing up straight

Guy:Im sorry about bumping into you.

Niyah:It’s fine. It’s just my ocd forced me to toss it.

He laughed. It was so cute.

Niyah:I’m Niyah Gonzalez nice to meet you..

Guy:Jacob Perez. Wow.

Niyah:What? Do I have a booger?

Jacob:No. No it’s just. I went to school with a girl named Niyah. She was the most popular girl in school. But her boyfriend was a fckin as hole. I always thought he didn't deserve her.

Niyah:Really. What high school did you go to?

Jacob:John Mark High.

Niyah:So did I!

Jacob:Really? Then was your boyfriend..


Niyah:*GASP!* You’re the kid I sat with at lunch when I didn’t wanna be bothered. OMG i’ve been looking for you since graduation.

Jacob:For what?

Niyah:It’s at my apartment. If you come with me I could give it to you?

Jake:Uhm sure. I don’t have any where else to go.

Niyah:Kay. Just let me get my dog.

I whistled for Mango and him and a rottweiler rushed over to me and I put Mango on his leash and bent down to the rot

Niyah:You might wanna go back to your owner sweet heart.

He ran off to his owner and me Jacob and Mango started towards my apartment building and walked up to my door and I opened the door and walked inside

Niyah:Have seat.

He sat down on my comfy couch and I ran to my room searching my drawers and boxes for this thing I’ve kept since graduation and finally found it and smiled. I walked to the living room and he stood up and smiled at me.

Niyah:Here you go.

Jacob POV.

She handed me something I thought I lost forever

My broken round glasses from high school

I smiled

Niyah:You dropped them the day before graduation. I thought you’d needed them.

Jacob:Thanks so much. Wow. I thought I lost these.

We sat down on the couch and talked for hours. He told me about how Johnathan used to bully him and it made me feel sad about never defending him.

Jake:Wow it’s getting late. Maybe we could go to lunch tomorrow?


Jake:Cool. So where should I pick you up?

Niyah:St Joseph’s Hospital.

Jake:You’re a nurse?

Niyah:Doctor. Yeah I got the job last year.

Jake:Cool. I’ll pick you up at 11:45?

Niyah:For sure.

He laughed and I walked him to the door. (which was only like 20 feet from the couch)

Jake:See you tomorrow.


He hugged me. It was so warm and soft. I felt like I was being cradled by Jesus. He left and I got in my pajamas and flopped on my bed looking at the ceiling and thinking of..

The Lieutenant.


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