The Story About love poems snand songs

this book features love poems and songs from the author and other famous authors with explanation for why the author picked the poem or the reason for why the poem was written.


2. When I Met You

I met you a few years ago,

i  didn't know what you were about 

I knew your face 

Kinda knew your name 

But yet, 

I still had done doubt


You had a girl on you

So i left you alone

on top of that

My sister was feeling you 

So i felt wrong


A few years went by 

You popped up again 

You were back on my radar

But still just a friend


you started feeling my sister but

But i knew  those feelings would soon pass

Cause she stopped thinking  'bout you 

And finally found a bae she called boo


I stopped messing around with you 

Cause you payed no attention 

But you got the hint 

Cause you started listening


 - msbreeding


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