Luke Hemmings is called the 'lousy prince' of St Roberts high school and he lives up to the name. Girls are drawn to his devious looks and are pushed away by his cheap personality. Including Kat's best friend. Although she hates him for this, when Luke moves in next door to Kat, who lives alone, she finds herself unexpectedly allured to him...



Heyyy!! I'm dying from my vivid imagination. Just thinking about like hemmings do this to me... Ugh!! 😩

Anyways, hope you enjoy this chapter also I also recommend you read Hush Hush if you haven't already. I died many times reading this book and the following books. Or you can just keep reading this haha 😜

Another thing I recommend is that you read this chapter while playing the song 'Save Him' by Justin Nozuka. Really makes thing a whole lot dangerous for the ovaries!

Also, do you think Kat should tell Sasha everything or keep it a secret?

Tel me what you think! ;)

Ciao ciao~


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