Luke Hemmings is called the 'lousy prince' of St Roberts high school and he lives up to the name. Girls are drawn to his devious looks and are pushed away by his cheap personality. Including Kat's best friend. Although she hates him for this, when Luke moves in next door to Kat, who lives alone, she finds herself unexpectedly allured to him...


1. The Unwanted Neighbour

  Kat's POV


"I'll only be disgusted if you hand something like that to me" he said rubbing the back of his neck with his right hand carrying an unpleasant and disgusted look on his face.

Sasha stood there with her eyes widened at the shock of her love letter being rejected before even being opened and the fact that her crush 'crushed' her heart into little bits within seconds of meeting her. I too stood there, eyeballs almost falling out of their sockets. What the hell was this guy's problem? Who does he think he is?




"Luke hemmings? Ugh he's so hot isn't here?"

"Look i just wanted to know about him.. I'm new here and i just saw my best friend get hurt by this jackass!" I was really annoyed with this ignorant bastard that thinks he can just treat my best friend Sasha since primary school like trash when she is an angel descended from heaven!

"Oh it's only normal that she'd fall for him... i mean look at him" I looked down the hallway and saw him slowly walking alone focused on the distraction outside the windows while girls fawned over him. They probably don't even know how much of a dickhead he is. "Uh i'd so tap that. Hah i already did" . Eww. "Anyway, new girl, he is actually known as the 'lousy prince'. " Lousy? No wonder. "Girls are drawn to his devious looks and dangerous aura but are pushed away by his ill treatment towards 'em"

"Then why do girls still tend to like him and ask him out?" I asked confused. But she just laughed.

"You can't honestly say that you're not attracted to that?" Well, he was exceptionally good looking and did look hot in his black denim leather jacket and skinny jeans.. but that doesn't give him the right to treat girls like objects. I didn't answer, just stared at her waiting for a response to my question.

 "Whatever. Luke either dumps 'em in the most lowest way possible, or uses them to his satisfaction.... or both" she snickered. "And that's what makes him so hot. Look everyone here knows how he is, dumb girls, like your friend..." 

"Excuse me?"  I glared at her moving in closer to her face like i was threatening to hurt her. She flinched and was a bit frightened.

"H-hey look it's the truth! just let me finish" I backed off rolling my eyes. "*sigh* like i was saying, dumb girls taunt their chances and false hopes of getting closer to Luke but always end up being rejected. Smart girls, like me, use their body to get him" She said proudly. ".....only to soon then be thrown away like a piece of useless rubbish."  She looked hurt. Now i really want to punch some senses into this guy for all the girls he's hurt!

"Do you not see how he's hurt you? Don't go near him anymore he doesn't deserve you!"

"Shut up! I don't need to listen to what you say!" She stormed off flicking her hair at me. Whatever. Her funeral.

I turned around and saw Luke walking in my direction but he didn't notice me since he's eyes were still gazing outside. I started heating up in anger just at the sight of him. I put my arm up against the wall blocking his way forcing him to stop and change his view to me.

"Katelin Stewarts year 11, newbie, and friend of Sasha Rodriguez, who confessed her feelings to you a week ago. Do you have any idea of how much courage it took her to express her feelings?"

He just stared at me with a blank face. Not giving a damn. His eyes wandered off in search for something or someone or probably nothing at all, just ignoring me purposely. 

"oh.... so that's what you are talking about..."

"Can't you at least be friends with her?" I tried bringing his attention back to me since it really annoyed me that he was ignoring me. 

Then suddenly i felt a hand grab onto the bottom of my sweater pulling me closer to Luke until our bodies were locked with one another ,touching and then another hand was slowly creeping up my back, tracing imaginary lines with his fingers . My face was inches away from his, and eyes were wide opened, stuck staring into his piercing cold blue eyes that stared through my soul. I can see why the girls want him so bad.

 I felt a heat rush throughout my face  to all the parts of my body he was touching. His left hand was still rising up my back while at the same time his face drew in closer and closer, i felt the heat of his breath on my lips. I was so tempted to kiss him and i think he could tell because i saw a tiny victory smile grow on his lips. His hand rose to my arm on the wall that was meant to block him. Wait! What the fuck am i doing?.Before i could finally react to the situation, i winced to the sudden pain of his hand squeezing my bicep.

"Oww! What're y-"

"You and your petty friend are just an eyesore to me. So do me a favor and stay out of my sight"  He let go of my arm and walked away and before i could chase after him he was already gone.



*After school* *walking home*


"I fucking hate that cocky bastard! I should have just smashed his face in when i had the chance!"  I yelled while kicking a garbage bin but then realized that was kinda rude so i picked it back up. And heard Sasha laughing.

 "You don't need to get that angry for me Kat"

"What? You're not bothered about how he treated you?" Luke humiliated her and her love letter.

"mmm.. I don't really care about it anymore. Plus the whole thing was stupid. Like i'm 16 giving him a love letter" She laughed at herself embarrassed at the thought ,but she really did seem completely over it.

"Even if you are over him, i can't get over the fact that he hurt you AND stampled all over me!" Sasha just sighed. I think i was overreacting a bit but she's my best friend and i'm finally in the same school as her so i must protect her.

"I guess i can just avoid him for now..." I said giving in, bringing a smile to her face.

"Hey, umm didn't you need to go to the supermarket? The shops close earlier today so you're gonna miss your chance.."

"Oh my gosh! you're right!" I stressed seeing the time was already 6:32pm and the supermarket closes at 7pm.

"It must be tough living alone at your age...Oh! Sorry i didn't mean to-"

"It's okay! You can get used to it pretty fast! You've gotta come over next time." I tried changing the subject.

"Hah! Only if you prepare some amazing 5 star dish for me!"

"Pfffft you do you think you're talking to" I winked at her and made my way to the shop until i heard her call my name and i turned to face her.

"I'm so glad you're here to protect me again." Her eyes flickered and shone in the sunlight while her cheeks slightly blushed. She was just too cute that i had to sprint back to her and give her a huge suffocating hug while saying "Love you boo!" But she just laughed shyly.



*At apartment preparing dinner*

I was heating up the water for the pasta when i heard a loud knock on the door. I screamed out that i was coming and heard a quite similar voice answer back.

"Excuse me, but i am the person who just moved in next door ... " Oh yeah that's right i forgot someone was moving in today. I opened the door curious to who it was.

"Hel-" I was interrupted by the sight of none other than Luke Hemmings standing at my front door with a wrapped up box in his hand. "You're kidding me." I said surprised but irritated

"..." He was blank for a quick second " have you as my neighbor.. I'm just as annoyed as you..... maybe even more." Not even 15 seconds have passed and i already want to punch him the face. His really gorgeous looking face that is. He clicked his tongue at me and shoved his gift in my face. "Whatever. Take this, it's a cheap tea set i found near the trash.." I pushed the gift out of my face to get a good look at him before responding to his discourtesy but he was already entering his apartment and slammed the door behind him.


This can't be happening.





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