Luke Hemmings is called the 'lousy prince' of St Roberts high school and he lives up to the name. Girls are drawn to his devious looks and are pushed away by his cheap personality. Including Kat's best friend. Although she hates him for this, when Luke moves in next door to Kat, who lives alone, she finds herself unexpectedly allured to him...


4. The Painful Desires

Kat's Pov

I woke up to the consistent buzzing of my alarm from my Iphone 4, i clicked on Stop. I didn't get a wink of sleep. My mind was persistent in vividly replaying last night's scandalous display with the incredibly voluptuous and seductive Luke Hemmings.

I was furious with myself for not only cooperating with his lewd intentions but also because i couldn't stop myself from craving more, I still lusted after his lips, his tongue, his body, his voice all against my bare skin. Just thinking about it now has me stroking along my skin, going over every place he touched, every place he kissed and licked. Picturing his eyes focused on my face and burning through the rest of my body with a hunger for more. He had influenced me with ceaseless hot, enticing and arousing thoughts which lurked in my head. You need to stop this Kat it's becoming ridiculous. I thought to myself releasing my hands from my skin and bringing myself back from my fantasized desirable imagination.

I honestly don't know how i will make it through the day. I am confident that with a simple glimpse of him will send my instincts insane and i won't be able to hold back my urges. I also have absolutely no idea whatsoever how i'm going to explain this to Sasha. I'm hesitating between telling her everything risking our friendship or keeping clear from the whole subject entirely. 


*At school*


Arriving at school i hid my face like i was a celebrity hiding from the paparazzi. Facing Luke in this current state i am, will be the end of me. I almost sprinted my way to the classroom trying my best to keep my eyes glued to the ground without ramming into anyone or anything and above all avoiding the one person my body and crazed mind desiderated. Thankfully I made it all the way to English class and my desk safe and sound. 

"What's up with the whole secret top agent act you got goin' on there?"

"Huh?" I questioned while searching for the person who spoke and saw Sasha raising her eyebrows awaiting my response. "Oh umm... I-I was just.. just really keen on m-making it here on time y-you know" I said stuttering making it quite obvious i was lying to her face.

"mmmmhmph yeah..sure." She said not believing a word that came out of my mouth. I sighed in defeat.

"Sorry i'm just kinda tensed and-" i was interrupted by Mr Bilbert ,the English teacher, entering the classroom.

"Okay everyone quiet down and take your places." Listening to him i straightened my seat that was facing to the right angle in Sasha's direction "And take out your text books to the page 86-87" During the entire class my imagination wandered back to the 'forbidden' place where i let things get a bit overhand. My attention wasn't in the least bit focused on what was happening in class since my mind has no room for new information being crowded with solely images of each and every single moment of the same scene that haunts me.


*skipping to 6th period*

During free period i decided to go the library alone since i'm not yet well acquainted with anyone besides Sasha and i just wanted to read a book. 

I meandered into the romance genre shelves and spotted a intriguing novel called 'Hush Hush' by an author of the name Becca Fitzpatrick. I recall seeing Sasha reading this same book and she also recommended it to me. I grabbed the book and took an empty seat by the window. 

In this fictional novel, the character Patch who seemed to be a fallen angel, but was disguised as a rather mysterious and bad teenager which triggered my thoughts relating everything to, you guessed it, Luke. Every time things got a bit steamy between Patch and Nora, i envisioned Luke and I playing the roles of them instead. 

I've had enough! This is silly i need to stop! I demanded in my thoughts. I put the book down in attempt to free myself from the delusions that continue to play in my head. I searched for a distraction nearby to help. I ended up observing a group of students during Sports class outside on the field playing baseball. I watched as each of them continuously swung through the air completely neglecting the ball coming at them. They were seriously the worst players i have ever seen. I laughed to myself mocking their lack of coordination.

"Strike! You're out!" The coach yelled in shame at the girl who walked back to the benches and then replacing her a extremely tall boy stood up. He wore black basketball shorts and a white shirt that was drenched in sweat making it see through allowing his abs to show and I'm definitely not one to complain about the pleasant view. Damn I'm perv. 

The already physically appealing boy made his way to the post. Walking there i inspected his well shaped carves, to his suitably rounded buttocks, then his large V-shaped muscular back which by the way looked awfully familiar. The boy grabbed the baseball bat off the coach and took his place. I tried looking at his face to see who it was but It was difficult to make out with his long blonde soaking wet hair that was covering the top half of his face. Suddenly i saw i shine coming from his lips and realized that he had a lip ring. Wait. Who has a lip ring, blond long hair, and a hot body?

Just when i was trying to keep my perverted mind off of Luke, i was unknowingly checking him out this whole time. It's like the galaxy simply doesn't want me, even for one second ,forgetting Luke.

Luke wiggled his butt waiting for the other guy to throw the ball. When the ball was thrown, Luke took one small step forward with his left leg before hitting the ball right in the center of bat. A loud crack sound exploded from the contact between the ball and the bat sending the ball flying over the fences giving an easy home run to Luke. He lightly jogged passed all the bases while girls fangirled all over him and guys glared in envy but he continued on like it wasn't a big deal at all.

Shit he's hot.I sighed to myself in disappointment. I feel like i've lost to him all on my own actions. I was still watching Luke slowly run through the bases when he came closer to the windows i was behind. He head was lifted and eyes were looking in my direction. Though i didn't react assuming he was checking himself out in the reflection until i was almost certain he noticed me and stared right into my eyes. A smirk grew on his face and then he winked at me. I jumped in shock realizing that he must have seen me drooling all over him. I dropped my face into my palms.

Ugh. I'm so stupid.

Afterwards i kept my eyes on the pages without reading or advancing. I was trying to keep my eyes averted from the tempting distraction that's currently running around outside, with sweat dropping down the sides of his face and from the end of his hair, muscles clearly showing through his shirt. before i realized i was staring at him again. 

The bell finally rang so i stood up, returned the book on the shelf and headed out to my last class of the day. 


I was getting my books out of my locker when i heard a bang against the next door locker from a shoulder falling onto it. I looked over and saw luke standing there still all sweaty in his sports clothes sublimely staring into my eyes not saying one word. It didn't need to sat anything to make me want him. 

I quickly ran off with my books not trusting myself. I could feel the inner me wanting to burst out and pull Luke's hair down bringing his lips to mine.... But i had to get away from him, and i have to avoid him. Just one more hour. I thought.




*After school*

I was standing at the front door of my apartment going through my bag in search for my keys but i was in no luck. I couldn't find them anywhere. I sighed. Today has been one big mess all over the place. I took out my phone and dialed for the landlord. Just as i was about to press ring i felt a warm large hand reach into the back of my shirt. Before i could turn my face to see who it was, i was blocked by Luke's cheek up against mine. 

"Luke... What're...... you..... doing?" I was trying to release myself from him but my body had been yearning for his touch all day resulting in a mixture of frustration and absolute unsatisfied pleasure. I felt him move his cheek up and lay his lips softly onto my left ear.

His voice hoarse, he whispered divinely: "I saw you watchin me..." I bit my lip at the sound of his voice entering my ear that send countless shivers and goosebumps through my body. Lowering his right hand down to the cheeks of my ass taking a handful of meat, he brought his left hand to my neck tenderly gripping around it. Pushing my head to the side with his long fingers, making enough room for him to gently bite the top of my ear shooting sparks from the inside of my stomach.

Letting out a moan in response to his touches i wished i hadn't lost my key so i could throw him onto my bed, though i don't think i could make it that far before ripping his clothes off and making his body mine at the entrance.

His lips still wrapped around the pinna of my ear he let out a soft relieved chuckle then released his lips from my ear and leaned in closer. He's breathing rose when he felt me bind my legs to his and pressed my back and bottom to the front of his body. I could hear the smile grow on his face before he bit his lip that made a quiet noise when his teeth touched the lip ring.

I sensed his hot breath approaching my ear. He began to whisper in my ear once again.

"...I thought you wanted to break my face?"  The sound of keys clinking circled around my ear at the same time he said those words. I stretched my eyes open to see my keys dangling in front of my face. 

I received a cold brush of air against my back when Luke liberated his body from mine. I turned to face him trying to also bring myself back to planet earth. He had a corrupted but alluring smile on his wet lips. He held my keys in his left hand, dangling it in front of my face. I was shocked and confused as to why he had them.

"It sure doesn't seem like that's the case" He snickered at me. 

"What?" I was still struggling to come back to reality and trying to figure out why he had my keys. "H-how-" He threw the keys up in the air as he walked off. I caught them in time before they reached the ground.

"You dropped them on your way here."  Oh my gosh i'm so irresponsible. I can't believe he actually picked them up for me. For all i know he could have thrown them away, since he's a jackass. An intriguing and hot jackass. Before i could reply with a 'thankyou', he turned to me  prior to entering his apartment with his door open, and maliciously smiled like he accomplished an evil plan against me.

"I've got you right where i want you" Finally reaching reality i returned to normal suddenly becoming aware of the whole situation. That Luke was just playing with me, that i am his toy, that his plan worked and i am officially caught in his enchanting but vile game. He saw that i figured everything out and laughed "And I'm going to make it impossible for you to escape"

"Wai-" He shut the door and locked it. I remained outside in front of my door replaying everything. He's right i fell for his tricks, i'm just like the other girls, fawning over him, craving him, wanting more.. This is all a game for him and i'm just too weak against him. I knew all of this, from the start. But somehow he still managed to capture me within a few days. I wanted to hate him, make him pay for what he did to Sasha but instead, i did the one thing i never wanted.

I fell for him.

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