Luke Hemmings is called the 'lousy prince' of St Roberts high school and he lives up to the name. Girls are drawn to his devious looks and are pushed away by his cheap personality. Including Kat's best friend. Although she hates him for this, when Luke moves in next door to Kat, who lives alone, she finds herself unexpectedly allured to him...


3. The Guest

Kat's Pov


*In the classroom before lessons start*


"You wouldn't believe what i found out yesterday" I said leaning over Sasha's desk.

"What did you find?" She asked while reading a book entitled 'Hush Hush'.


"Ummmm yeh me too....I see him everyday you know...since he ummmmm..goes here..." She said bending her eyebrows in confusion at me.

"oh my god... He's my neighbor!!" 

"Ohhhh... That's too bad i guess." She didn't seem really agitated about it at all, she just ignored the fact and continued reading from where she left off.

"You don't seem to be that bothered by it.. Are you sure you're okay with it?" 

"If i still had feelings for him then maybe i would have asked for your help but.." She paused to change the page and then slightly smirked. "I've already been rejected and that allows me to throw away these emotions without ever wondering if he could have had feelings for me in return.. Sooo i'm perfectly fine with it" She looked up at me with a reassuring smile as if to tell me that she really was alright with it.


*Skips to after school and now back at her apartment*


Is Sasha really okay with this whole situation? I thought to myself as i turned on the shower hose to warm and waited for the water to heat up. I mean she used to brag on about him all the time about how cool and good looking he was and how she wish she could just walk beside him, that only that would have satisfied her. When i came to this school and first saw him, my first thoughts were: What's so special about him? He gives off the super confident cocky air and you meet him and that's exactly how he is. I don't understand why girls fawn over him, why Sasha fawned over him and i didn't really care but it's the fact that he hurt her that i really care about.

I guess that was pretty nice of him to drop by to introduce himself with a gift..... although that it is just common courtesy.... also he did peg it at my face while insulting me..... Yeah, no... that wasn't a nice gesture at all, though it's normal for a big ass jerk like him. I still hate him, even if Sasha says that she perfectly okay with everything, i can't accept the fact that he brushed her off, and probably hundreds of girls as well, so rudely without considering her feelings at all. I need to teach him a lesson. Just how though?


I was still in the shower in thought when i heard a loud knock on the door and it was constant like someone was in danger, so i rushed out of the shower swooped on a towel covering the most important parts but it was still short enough to see my entire ass once i bend over even the slightest.

I hurried to the door yelling out "I'm coming i'm coming!", I opened it as fast as i could feeling the freezing cold breeze entering my room followed by a shove to the shoulder from the huge black shadow being, passing me. I turned around frightened when i realized that someone just barged into my apartment but that frightened feeling turned into frustration as soon as i noticed that the huge black shadow being was in fact Luke Hemmings. 

"What the fuck!!? This is MY apartment if you were too busy to realize!" I yelled at him from the door hoping he would get out but he just started helping himself to the fridge. I marched over to him so annoyed with him constantly ignoring me especially in this situation when he is in MY property. I smashed the fridge door closed.

"Jeez are you tryna break th-" before he could even attempt to finish his sentence, i pulled him down to my eye level by the collar of his all black ripped shirt so i could glare into his cold blue eyes once more.

"I held myself back last time but unless you get the fuck out my sight now i'll consider not breaking your pretty boy face" I said through my teeth and trying to hold back on punching his face which would so make me feel better right now. I only saw i small glimpse of fright in his eyes before his gaze went from my eyes to below.

"Mmmm... i do like them feisty." He said biting his lip ring while examining my lower body and then i realized i was still in a towel. I slapped him across the face and i could literally feel the blood rising to my head. I was so angry, if he didn't leave now i would go crazy.

But he stood there in shock with his hand to the side of his face where i slapped him. He put his hand down, looked at it and then quickly glanced at me while smirking before pushing me up against the wall. 

"What're y-" He covered my mouth with his gigantic hand and held my hands by the wrist with his other hand above my head with so much force and strength it was impossible for me to escape. He slammed his entire body against mine staring deep into my eyes. Then i felt his leg rise between my completely naked wet and soapy legs, slowly and smoothly lifting my towel and reaching the one place i didn't want him near but he was just too strong for me to break out. As he approached his leg closer and closer i let out a moan feeling my hot breath circling around in his hand.

I finally felt the cold air touch my lips when his hand left my face but something else suddenly covered my mouth. His lips were pressed onto mine, they were so soft and in control. His lips were guiding mine making both our lips move in sync and then our tongues collided and i felt all my strength escape from me. It was such a rough but passionate kiss that made me feel weak in the knees.

He was such a good kisser and i couldn't stand it. Literally. I was falling down along the wall until i felt both of his hands grasp onto my ass and lifting me up with such ease. I wrapped my legs around his waist and my arms around his neck while he carried me to the kitchen counter and moved his hands to my back, sliding up and down. The kiss may have been the hottest and most tasteful kiss i've ever had but i felt like i wasn't getting enough so i pulled him by the hair and his shirt bringing him closer to me allowing him to go deeper and so he did without hesitation. I could feel my body and face start to sweat from the heat of our bodies grinding on each other and our hot breaths mixing together. He continuously studied my entire body with his hands sending shocks and electric vibes through my veins resulting into repeating moans and heat flushes.

 I felt like i was in a whole different world, that nothing else matter. At this point i wouldn't care what he did to me. He released his lips from mine and moved straight down to my neck. Mixed with soft kisses, wet licks and weak bites he raised my heart beat to it's limits, my body's limits. I was running out of breath and my mind was going crazy. 

I opened my eyes looking down at his big muscular back with endless thoughts of tearing that shirt right off of his skin. I reached my hands down to his back, grasping hold of his shirt bringing it towards his head that was now busy embracing my chest both with his lips but also his hands. As i pulled his shirt off, at each pull one step closer to my towel coming off with his hands reaching inside, sliding under, caressing my skin. His touch made me bite my lip in temptation... I can't believe Luke is doing all this to me... Oh my god Luke is doing all this to me!!!

Finally coming back to my senses i shook him off shoving him back with my hands to his shoulders and noticing i was practically naked, quickly took my fallen apart towel and covered myself before he could see me. Even though he already touched basically every part of my body with his hands, body, legs and lips.

"You need to leave now!" It took all of my strength to let that out seeing i was carrying on like an old man who's having a heart attack struggling to breath and also because there was a part of me that didn't want him to leave and wanted to continue off where we stopped, which was probably the whole of me but i couldn't. No. Not with Luke. The guy who broke so many hearts including that of my BEST friend.

He wouldn't take his eyes off of my sweaty half naked body and couldn't help but to smirk in victory. He snickered. "It sure took you long enough" He took one last glimpse at me before winking at me and then walking out the door.

I was so stunned by what just happened mostly because i didn't understand what just happened. How did i go from wanting to break his face to wanting to rip his clothes off. I collapsed my face into my hands in desperation. I have no idea how i'm going to explain this to Sasha. Or more importantly, how am i going to face him from now onward.

That was good teaching him a lesson Kat. Ugh.







HELLO!!! Sorry guys this chapter is a bit short but i think with that 'little' scene you be left quite satisfied ey? ;) Because i sure was, i wrote everything i imagined in my mind while trying not to drool all over my keyboard. So hope you enjoyed it! Give me your ideas or your comments on this or any upcoming chapter! Luv ya!!


Ciao ciao~




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