Two down one to Go

Harry has left Hogwarts to go to Warner Wizarding Collage, but Ron and Hermione have to leave him. The worst part is, he has forgotten everything that he has learnt at Hogwarts! Will Harry survive a year at collage?


4. The Train

Waiting for my train felt like forever but it didnt feel like enough time to say goodbye. I hopped onto the train as soon as it came and I tried to find somewhere to sit. I finally found a carriage with two people in. A boy and a girl. I opened the door a little and asked if I could sit with them.

"Of course, come on in!" Said the girl, so I waddled in and sat next to her. "OMG!!! You're Harry Potter!!" Exclaimed the girl. I knew this would happen! But I just simply told her that I was to be treated like any other student at the collage. She agreed, " Okay then, so... my name is Jaz" 

"I'm Ollie." Said the boy, " I am so gald that we have made new friends! We are twins you see so we get kinda sick of each other sometimes!"


"Just kidding Jaz, chill out!"

"I didn't think that I would find any friends to be honest." I said

"Are you kidding me? You are Harry Potter! Everyone is gonna want to be your friend!" Cried Jaz, but I really wanted to clear things up abit:

"Look," I began, " I don't want friends that just want to be mates with me just cause I am famous. I want people to like me for who I am."

"Fair enough" agreed Ollie.

"Yeah I would feel the same," Jaz also agreed," but dont worry we are willing to be your best friends" 

"Thanks guys," I said, relieved that I had finally found some friends that I thoughtI could trust," Lets try to have a good first year!"

"Okay!" Said the twins in unison. I hoped that it would be a fantastic first year. Little did I know that I was in for a big shock...


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