Two down one to Go

Harry has left Hogwarts to go to Warner Wizarding Collage, but Ron and Hermione have to leave him. The worst part is, he has forgotten everything that he has learnt at Hogwarts! Will Harry survive a year at collage?


2. The Big Friendship Mess-up

Harry's POV

Okay so a few days ago I did something that I may or may not regret--- okay yes I do regret it! Very much so cause Ron has fallen out with me and I have done everything I can to tell him that I am sorry but...well...ya know some people just aren't that forgiving.

So we had just come back from quidditch practise and Ron had just been chosen as goal keeper for the third time now and he just would not shut up about it! He blabbed on an on about how everyone must think that he is amazing and I was getting really annoyed with him so I said:

"Oh for gods sake Ron !! Shut the hell up! Nobody wants to hear about you and your fricking goal keeper thing because in theory you are not even that good! As captain, I only chose you because I felt sorry for you! Yeah thats right!" And I kinda regret it cause Hermione is taking Rons side. But I am not too bothered now because we are going to live two completely separate lives! So anyway, back to the packing up story...

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