Two down one to Go

Harry has left Hogwarts to go to Warner Wizarding Collage, but Ron and Hermione have to leave him. The worst part is, he has forgotten everything that he has learnt at Hogwarts! Will Harry survive a year at collage?


3. Bye Hogwarts!

Harry's POV

I was all done packing up and Hermione had said goodbye to me one last time (my train left before hers) and I began to leave. I walked out through the common room once more, remembering all the good times that I had in there. The time when my godfather appeared in the fireplace. The time when Hermione sat down with me for three straight hours trying to reach me how to pronounce this one spell. I carried on walking, trying not to cry, and said goodbye to Fat Lady for the very last time. As I walked further away from her, I came closer to the moving stair case, which im guessing was going to miss me too as it would just not move to connect to the other stairs so I was kinda stuck for a while. This was of course before I threatened to call Dumbledore and it moved straight away which I found quite funny. As I eventually moved down the stairs, I admired the hundreds of portraits one last time too. As I took my time, I noticed things in the portraits that I had never noticed before. I slowly made may way and before I knew it I was inside the Great Hall. I had never seen it so quiet. Silent in fact. It was silent until I heard a voice come from behind me:

"Harry?" Said the voice. I turned around and Dumbledore was stood before me, " Before you go, I wanted to give you something."

I held out my hands and Dumbledore have me a locket. Inside, were these words:

Whether you are with friends or all alone, Hogwarts will always be here to welcome you home

"Thanks Professor," I said, putting the locket safe in my pocket," I hope to come back soon to visit"

" Good luck Harry" replied Professor. I began to walk out the door when a single tear trickled down my face

"Goodbye Professor!" "And goodbye Hogwarts"


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