The Bad Boy


4. Chapter 4:The bet


 I ran to my game room, alex followed me. 

I put black ops into the Ps3 and turned the tv on. I grab 2 controllers.

"kay there will be 3 matches of quick scoping, who ever wins 2 matches wins the bet"

"sounds good to me"

I set up the match and pick my sniper and so does alex.


30min later:

"I win I win I win" Alex yells

"oh just shut up I tell him"

Who ever gets to 30 kills is the first match

60 kills in the second

and 90 kills in the third.

The first match I won 30-29

Second match Alex won 60-59

And the third match Alex won 90-88

"I can't believe it I always win" I say.

"well this time you didn't sweetheart, know you are my slave for one week" he says

"oh ya and wheres my kiss" he askes

Oh god I forgot all about that stupid kiss, I can't beileve he is actually going to make me kiss him, I think I might just throw up. 

"well lets get the show on the road" Alex says.

Alex starts to walk towards me, I walk backwards. I really don't want this to happen. Alex contiunes walking towards me and then I feel a wall behind me. Oh thats just great I think. I am trapped, I can't get out of this one. 

Alex puts his right on my neck, and his left hand around my waist. He pulls me towards him, so that every inch of our body is touching. He slowly leans in, Then I feel his soft sweet lips on mine, and my whole body gets all tingly, and I feel as if I am on cloud 9.

He askes me for entrance, I don't give it to him. Alex then bites my lip and I open my mouth in surprise. He sticks his tounge in my mouth and explores. 

I start to kiss him back because this feels so good, and so right. I put my arms around his neck and my legs around his waist. He puts both of his hands around my waist and holds me to him, as if we were made for eachother. 

Alex then pulls back for air.

"wow I have never kissed anyone like that before." he says.

I laugh and say "neither have I"

We look into eachothers eyes for what seems like forever. Then I smash my lips to his, and we start all over again. 

"ClaraBell...Do you know where my skateboard is the one with the...oh um" Charlie says.

I pull back from alex and jump off of him

"I think you better go" I say to alex.

"uh ya, but um can I have your number"

"no, no, no"

"what why"

"Because I don't want you to, who knows you could be some kind of rapist, or stalker" I joke

Alex starts to laugh, he then turns around and walks upstaris, but just before he walks out the door he says "see you tomorrow ClaraBell" 

Oh great know he knows my name, damn you charlie.



I wake up the next day to my phone ringing. 

Who the hell could be calling me at this time. I look at the screen and it says unknown. 

I decided not to answer it. I look at the time and see that it is only 7:30am...Great, I just know that I wont be able to fall back asleep.

I get up and go into the bathroom, and open up the cupboard under the sink, there is mouthwash, soap, condintioner, shampoo, and some other things that I will be needing. 

Hopefully the moving truck will be here soon.

I go over to the shower and turn it on, I take out soap, shampoo, conditioner, and a loofa, and put them in the shower. I strip off my clothes, and take my hair out of the pony tail and hop in the shower. I wet my hair, and massage the shampoo into my hair, then I wash my body, Rinse out he shampoo and put some conditioner in my hair and let it sit for a couple of minutes, then I wash that out and step out of the shower. 

I don't see a towel anywhere so I grab my robe, and put it on, and go upstaris.

I see that my dad is up and making coffee.

"morining sweetheart" "ya morning, do we have any towels" I ask

"nope we won't have any until the movers get here, sorry" 

The top of my robe is like soaked because of my hair, and there is like a puddle starting to form around my feet.

"well I am gonna be soaking wet, if I don't dry my hair some how, I don't even have my hair dryer yet"

"go over to the neighbors and ask them, doesn't that boy that came over last night live right next door"

"ya but there is know way that I am going over there to ask for a freaking towel"I tell him.

"well to bad I need to take a shower and so does charlie, so will you please go over there and ask"


"no buts, get over there and ask"

I turn around and head over to the door. 

I walk outside, and head over to alex's house. Once I get to there door I knock, and wait for about 2 minutes, know one answers. So I ring the doorbell, about 5 times. 

"Who the hell is knocking on my door at 8 in the damn morning" I hear alex say

The door opens, and alex's face looks mad, but when he realizes its me his face softens and he smiles.

"nice robe Clare"

OH MY GOD. I just remembered I have my robe on, how freaking embarrsing.

"don't blush it looks pretty damn hot on you"

I laugh, "ya ok well do you think I can borrow 3 towels because we don't have any at all"

"ya sure come on in and I will get them for you"


He nods and turns around, I walk in and close the door and follow alex upstaris, we go down a long ass hallway, before we stop in front of a door. Alex opens it and goes in, I follow. 

I realize that it is his room. It looked like a normal guys room. Football posters on the wall, flat screen tv, ps3 and lots of games. He goes into the bathroom he has in his room. I just stand in the middle of his room, and look around. 

Alex comes back out with 3 towels. I go to grab them, but he puts them behind his back. 

"kay lets see, if I let you borrow these I want something in return." 

"no, I am not giving you anything in return"I say.

"sweetheart, don't you remember you have to do anything I say for a whole week" He says 

Oh god I completely forgot all about that. "fine what is it"

"well first off I want your number, and second I want a kiss"

What is up with this guy and always wanting a kiss.

"ok well give me your phone"

He sets the towels on his bed and goes over to his bookshelf and grabs his phone.

He hand it to me and I add myself as a contact and put my number in in, and give alex back his phone. 

As alex walk back over to his bookshelf I run over to his bed grab the towels, and run out of his room.

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