The Bad Boy


3. Chapter 3: Alex Alex Alex!!

Alex's Pov:

This girl is such a beauty, why haven't I ever seen her before. She has such an amazing voice, I wonder why she got all mad at me when I told her that her voice was beutiful? It kinda freaked me out for a second. 

When we turned on my street I started freaking out. 

Why the hell are we by my house. We pull into the drive way right next to my house.

"uh what are we doing here"

"this is my house" she says I can believe it, I get to live next to a hottie. 

"well what a coincedence, I live right next door"

"are you freaking kidding me"

"nope that's my house right there, I was wondering who my new neighbor was gonna be"

She groaned in frustration. God she is so beautiful. 

ClareBear got out of the truck and started grabbing her shopping bags. "can you take in some of the grocerys" she asked me?

"Ya of course" I said while grabbing a whole bunch of bags. 

"charile you take in yours and dad's supper" 

"aren't you gonna have any" charile askes

"no, I am have dinner here with alex"

"oh I see ok well, you better have some left over for me, so I can actually  eat some good food tomorrow"

"don't I always" She says. 

Charile just laughs and takes in the pizza. Once we get inside ClareBear turns to the left and goes down some staris, she heads down some hallway and stops when she sees me following her.
"my kitchen is right over there just go put the grocerys on the table, and on the counter." 

I nod and do as I was told.



I am really starting to like having Alex around even if he is kinda annoying. But he is super cute and I can't believe that I am living right next to him!!

When he said that my heart like doubled in speed. I tell myself over and over I can't fall for alex becaue he will just break my heart, and I don't want to get to close espically if we will be moving again. I don't think I could bear to see myself hurt Alex.

I put all the new clothes that I got on my bed. I can't wait for the moving truck to get here tomorrow, then I can finally make this room more me. I head back out to the kitchen and Alex is sitting on the stool looking around. 
"so why is it that you are the only one down here"

"my dad said I get the whole basment to my self, So its kinda like living on my own I guess." I tell him.

"oh I see well thats kinda cool"

"yep It sure is" I say.

"so what are you going to cook me for dinner"

"um I was thinking about a noodle salad with cucmbers, and tomatoes, and some hamburgers, Does that sound good"

"ya it sounds perfect" 

"well good"

I turn around and get out a big sauce pan, and start to boil some water. Next I get out a knife and a cutting board.

"can you wash off one cucumber and one tomato" I ask him

He nods and takes them out of the grocery sack and wash them off in the sink. 

"thanks" I say

"no problem" 

He puts them on the cutting board and I start to cutt the cucmber in little bite size pieces. When they are all cut up I put them in a really big bowl, and start on the tomato. When thats all cut up I also put them in the bowl with the cucumber. 

"the water is boiling" Alex tells me

"Can you get out the bowtie noodles and put the whole box in there"

"uh ya, should I turn the knob thingy down"

I laugh "do you not know how to cook" I ask

"um no not really never really had to so I never learned, how do you know how to cook so well"

"my dad is really really bad at cooking, and My mom left us when I was 5, and I just kinda loved the concept of cooking so I taught myself"

"what do you mean you taught youself" he askes

"well when My dad wasn't home I would always expierence with different kinds of food, and they turned out to be really good, so I just kept doing that. I would always read a cook book and make my own version of that food"

"mmh sounds nice"  

"it was"

It went quiet for a few minutes as I started putting the hamburger into patties. I made 5, One for me and one for Alex, the rest will be for tomorrow for Charile, myself, and dad for lunch. I checked the noodles and they were done so I drained the water and put the noodles in the same bowl with the cucumbers, and tomatoes. I get out a frying pan and put 2 of the patties, and just let them cook. 

I mix the noodles in with the cucmbers and tomatoes, and put some vinegar,and oil with it and just continue to mix it. I get out 2 spoons and let alex taste one and so do I 

"How is it do you like it"I ask

"wow thats really good" he says with a huge grin on his face. 

I smile and get out 2 plates I put them on the table with some napkins. 

"would you like orange juice, choclate milk, or white milk." I ask him.

"I will just have what ever you are having" 

"kay can you be a big help and put away the grocerys"

He smile ands start putting everthing away. 

I put half while, and half choclate milk in one glass and in the second glass and set them on the table to. I went and checked on the hamburger patties and seen that they were done, so I took them off and, thank goodness for alex for getting the buns out, I laid a hamburger on one bun, and laid the other hamburger on the other bun. 

By the time I got out a plastic bowl and a lid that goes with it for the extra hamburgers, he other 2 hamburgers were done, so I started cooking the last hamburger, when that one was done I put the 3 extra hamburger patties in the plastic bowl and put it in the fridge. I grabed the bowl with the pasta salad and set it in the middle 

of the table. Alex got the salt and pepper, ketchup, mustard, and the pickles. I assembled my hamburger and put some of the Noodle salad on my plate and on alex's. 

The first bite of the hamburger was as good as the last. 

During dinner we made small talk like

"do you have a job" I asked alex


"whats your favorite color"He asked



We just kinda sat there and talked about the things that we love to do, and the things we hate to do. 

"you can cook some pretty good food, I wish I had a home cooked meal all the time"

I laugh and tell him thank you. 

Once both of us are done I take his plate and mine and put them in the sink. 

I look at he clock and see it is 7Pm.

This is when I love to play some black ops. 

"hey do you play video games" I ask Alex. 

"uh Ya I am like the viedo games king"

"what ever I bet I could kick your ass"I said

"ok, lets make A bet, If I win you have to kiss me"

"sounds good If I win you have do what ever I want for a week, and buy me grocerys for one month"

"fine if you get to things then I want to things you have to be my slave for one week, and I get a kiss"

"deal" I say and we shook hands. 



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