The Bad Boy


2. Chapter 2:Whats his name


  I pull into the malls parking lot, and hand Charlie 50 dollars

"kay you owe me, I will text you when I am ready to go, I am gonna go look around for a job, and do some shopping for school, then go get some grocerys, and then pick up the pizza so we may be gone for a few hours" I say

"I am doing the same"

"kay text me if you need anything"

"I will Love ya" Charile says

"love you to" I say while walking the oppsite direction.

I walk into the mall and just look around. There is a shop called Mels at all my other old towns, Mels had the best clothes every and I loved shopping there.

Thats what I am looking for.

I go around the corner and see 3 girls and they look really slutty.

They are all wearing either a really short skirt,

or shorts, if they bended down you could probably see there ass. There shirts were so tight on them and went up there belly's. 

One of the girls seen me staring at them and said

"what the hell are you looking at nerd"

"I don't know I am actually trying to find that out"

"stop looking at us like you want to rape us"

"you wish I would look at you guys like that,

all I see infront of me is a bunch of skanks" I say

"who are you calling a skank, bitch"

"awe thanks I would rather be called

a bitch than look like a

bunch of prostitutes"

"you better shut the fuck up or I will kick your ass"

"really, you aren't scared that I am gonna mess up your pretty hair, or what if you break a nail, or mess up your make- up"

all 3 of them look like they are scared shit-less.

I see 2 guys standing behind them laughing there ass off

"what the hell are you guys laughing at" I say, They both look at me, 

One of them has blonde hair, blue eyes and he is just goregeous, the other has green eyes and brown hair, he is really hot. The one with green eyes just stares at me.

"stop staring at me you pervert"I say

"I am not a pervert" 

"well you are un dressing me with you eyes"

He just smirks, and says "well you are pretty hot, and you got some attitude and I like it"

"ya well I don't like you so back off"

"oo we fisty aren't we"

I roll my eyes and walk around them. I finally see Mels but Then a arm comes around my waist, I get pulled to a chest. 

"whats your name goregeous"

I turn around and look into the green piercing eyes. God why did he have to be so damn sexy.

"my name is leave me the fuck alone, I don't have time for you jerks"

"I am not gonna leave you alone until you tell me your name" he says

"well then looks like you are gonna get pretty bored Cause I am not telling you it"

"I bet you will"

"honey I don't think so" I say

"well princess your on, I will just follow you around until you tell me it"

"whatever" I say while turning around and walking into Mels. 

I go over to wear the tops are and see a bunch of things that I want. 

There is a white and red stripped long sleeve shirt that I grab and hand it to whats his face "if you are going to be following me then you can hold on to my things" I tell him

"ok sound good princess"

"don't call me princess" I say "well what else am I soups to call you, you want tell me your name"

"whatever" I turn around and grab about 5 more shirts that I like, 2 pairs of shorts, 3 pairs of pants, 1 pair of shoes, 2 bras, and 3 pairs of underware.

When I gave Whats his face the bras and underware, his face turned red.

"what haven't you ever seen underwear and a bra" I ask

"yes actually, all the time"

When he said that it kinda hurt, and I don't know why

"well aren't we a little whore"

"I am not a whore I just like girls"

"correction you like sleeping with girls"

"yes I like that to" he says while smirking at me

 I turn around and go over by the dresses

There is a strap less white dress, A red dress, blue, and black dresses that I grab and run to the changing room. Before I go in I tell Whats his face that he is gonna tell me what dress he likes more.

The first dress that I try on I the white dress. I look into the mirror behing the door, it looks goregeous on me, it makes my boobs look really big tho. I have a c-38 boob size. 

I walk out and he is sitting in one of the chairs. 

"so how does it look" He starts to say something but it was all mumbled. His face turns bright red.

"you um.."He says

"well I am guessing I look pretty damn hot don't I" He nods, his eyes travel from my face down, they stop on my boobs and his eyes turn lustful looking.

"stop looking at my boobs pervert"

He smirks at me 

"what can I say you look pretty hot"

"there is know way that I am trying on any more dresses with you, I will just buy them all"

"what no I want to see what they look like"

"to damn bad I don't want you undressing me with your eyes all damn day long, and I have other things to do"

"like what" he askes

"like find a job, go grocery shopping, pick up a pizza, and go find my brother"

"oh well remember I am coming with you"

I groaned, I just wanted this guy to leave me alone but I guess he won't.

"look all you have to do Is tell me your name then I will go away"

"no I am not telling you my name, I don't need a stalker"

He just laughed.

I go back into the dressing room and take off the dress and grab the other ones.

I walk up to the the counter and whats his face puts the other things I got up there, and the cashier rings them up. "That will be a total of 212.57" the chasier says

I hand him the exact amount.

"grab those bags" I tell Whats his name, he rolls his eyes but grabs them.

I walk out of the mall, and over to my truck. 

"just put them in the back", I tell Whats his name

He does, I get into the truck and he gets into the passenger seat. We pull out of the parking lot and go across the street to The diner. 
"ill be right back I am just gonna go and get a job app" I tell him

"ok sounds good"

I walk in and I am immediatily greeted by an older women. "hello my name is Melissa, what can I do for you"

"I was actually wondering If you guys were hiring"

"yes we are, we are in great need of new workers"

"ok well do you have an application that I can fill out"

"sweetheart, you don't need to"

"oh um ok so uh what do I do then"

"well do you think you could come in tomorrow at about 12 and have a try at this"

"yes absolutly"

"ok then sweetie I will see you tomorrow"

"ok bye" I say and walk out the door back to mytruck, I hop in 

"so how did it go" Whats his name askes

"good, come in tomorrow to try out" "so basically you got the job"

"no not yet" I say, I turn on the radio and Boom clap is playing. I start to sing but them stop when I realize that Whats his name is in the car, I instantly feel embarrsed and I feel my face get all hot.

"you have an amazing voice"

"no I don't Oh god I am gonna puke"

"Why you sound great"

"Can you please just drop it, or I will literally punch you"

He holds up his hands "ok ok I surrender"

I playfully punch him in the arm and we both start to laugh. I pull into the walmart parking lot.

"so are you still gonna follow me around, or do you give up" I ask him

"yep I sure am"

I laugh and walk into the store

I go down the fruit and veggies isle, and get a bag of apples, and pears. I get some bannanas, a water melon, carrots, and 3 cucumbers. We then walk over to the box food isle and get some mac and cheese, ramen, a bag of fetticune noodles, elbow noodels, and bowtie noodles. 

We go down the frozen food isle and get 4 frozen pizzas, frozen strawberries, bluberries, mangos. Some frozen strawberry banana yougurt. "hey do you think you could go get a box of donuts and some doritos, hot cheetos, takis, and lays?" I ask whats his name

He laughs and says sure. I walk over to the bread isle and get a bag of bagles, loaf of wheat and white bread, Peanut butter, strawberry, and grape jam, mustard, ketchup, relish, pickles, and butter. 

I then walk over to where the meat is and get 3 steaks, a tube of hamburger, some sliced turkey meat. When I go over to the Dairy isle Whats his name is right behind me and puts what I told him to get in the cart. I then grab a gallon of milk, chocolate milk, half a gallon of O'J, strawberry yougury, biscuts, frozen sasuge, and bacon. 

"hey um could you get some fruit snacks, poptarts, and a box of coco puff, coco pebbles, frutiy pebbles, and lucky charms, please please please" I say while giving him puppy dog eyes

He looks at me and smiles, "I guess so but only If you make me dinner tonight"

I think about it, should I just go get it myself? "fine but what do you want tonight"

"whatever you wanna cook me"

"sounds good know go and get that stuff" He turns around and walks away. 
I go down the coffe Isle and get a can of coffe, and some creamer. I go down another isle and get flour, sugar, and some other spices. 

I have always loved to cook, I always cook my family dinner every night. My dad can't cook at all, so I kinda had to learn.

What his name comes walking down the isle with his hands full of things.

What the hell I only told him to get a few things. He puts in the cart the cereal, pot tarts, and fruit snacks that I told him, but then he also had a bag of strawberries, and fresh peaches. OMG how did he know that I like that stuff?? 
"why did you get the strawberries and peaches" I ask

"Idk you just look like you were missing this stuff so I figured I would get it know instead of going back and getting them"

"well thanks, I forgot all bout that stuff"

"so are we done here"

"yes we are"

We head up to the cash register and pile everything up there. Once the cashier is done ringing everything up he tells me the total which was 200.89 dollars. I hand him the exact amount and put the bags back into the cart and go out to my truck. 
Whats his name helps me put everything in the way back of my truck. We then get in and I text Charlie telling him I am getting the pizza then I am going to come and pick him up infront of the mall. 

"where is the closest pizza place" I ask whats his name

"just go right then left and its right there" He says

I do what he says and we pull into the pizza palaces parking lot.

"do you mind staying in here and watching everything"


I walk in and order a large pepporoni pizza with bread sticks, and 2 pops.

I pay the cashier and go back out to the truck.

"your phone went off someone named charile was calling"

"oh thats my brother here hold this stuff" I hand him the pizza and the pop

I pick up my phone and call my brother back

"hey, are you on your way to the mall" charile askes

"ya I am just leaving the pizza palace and I will be there in like 30 seconds" I say


I hang up

"how old is your brother" Whats his name askes


"oh cool" I nod and pull into the malls parking lot once again.

I see charile instantly, and I wave. Charile waves back but has a weird expression on his face when he sees whats his name in the passengers seat. I stop the truck and tell whats his name, to let charile sit in the middle, then he can seat by the door. 

 "so uh who are you" charile askes what his name

"I am Alex" Whats his name says. OMG he just said his nam yess I found out before him.

"you wouldn't mind telling me what you sister's name is would you" Alex asks.

"its clar..."

"charile don't he isn't soupst to know my name, I don't want him to know just please don't tell him."

"why not clareBear" My face turns all red, oh god he is gonna find out know. 

"clareBear"? Alex askes

"just shut up charile please just shut up" I say 

Alex starts to say something but I just turn up the music and start singing to it, I don't care anymore, I don't care if alex hears me singing I guess its better then be embarrassed by my little brothers nick name for me.

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