The Bad Boy


1. Chapter 1:The beginning


 My name is ClaraBell I am 17 years old and I am a senior in high school. I live with my dad, and my little brother Charlie, who is 14 and A freshman in high school.

We have moved so many times in the last 6 years. 20 different towns 20 different schools. 20 different times being the new girl, and making new friends, then leaving, and the whole process starts all over again.

I am so sick and tired of moving. I hate it so much. I just wish that my dad would stay in one place. We have know moved to Atlanta Georgia. We were about 30min away. I am sick and tired of sitting in this car. 

We'ev been in here for about 7 hours know and I want to get away from my annoying brother. 

"clara...." my brother says while kicking my seat. "clara clara clara clara" he kept saying while kicking my seat over and over. 

"what do you want" I say

"nothing I don't want anything"

"well then stop picking on me"


"dad..." I say

"charlie leave your sister alone right know or you will not be able to go to the skate park later on when we are done packing" My father says. 

That made charile stop right there. He just loves to skate, he is always making a new skateboard, its like the thing he just loves to do.

I plug in my head phones to my Iphone and start listening to my favorite song ever "boom Clap". 

I start to sing along with it. I could never sing in front of people except to my family. My dad got me into chorus a few years ago, and we all had to try out for a solo, I was sooo excited about it until I got up infront of everyone I completely froze. I ran off of the stage and dropped chours. 

"honey why don't you try something again" Dad said

"what do you mean"

"like try chours again or something, honey you have a great voice everyone would love you, you just have to keep trying"

"dad you remember what happened last time, there is know way that I am going to do that again, I made a complete fool of my self and That will never in my life happen again" I said.

"ok well I hope you know you have to take theater or chours" 

"WHAT"??? I yelled

"yes I got a email the other day saying that it is required to either take some sort of chours class or theater"

"omg I am going to literally die"

"honey it's not that bad, don't worry about it"

"it is absoulty horrible dad I am going to embarrass myself all over again"

"just calm down you can't do anything about so your just gonna have to deal with it"

I can't believe this, moving to a new town and I will be laughed at because I can't get up and sing infront of people, everyone is going to make fun of me, my life is completely runied.



We pull into a drive way. The house was 3 stories, it had a basement, a middle floor and a upstairs.

I have never seen the house before and I can't wait to see what it looked like. 

"ok so the basment Clara you will have the whole thing to yourself, there is a bathroom, 2 bedrooms, living room, a game room, and a kitchen down there, it will be like having your own house" dad said. 

Ok so know I am like freaking jumping up and down when I hear that.

"OMG thank you so much daddy I love you sooo much"

"your welcome princess"

I am so glad that I finally won't have to share a room with charile, all the other houses that we have moved into I always had to. This is like freedom from my little brother. 

"ok charile you have your own room upstaris, with a bathroom. and also upstaris you have your own game room so that means you can leave your sister alone."

Charile starts jumping up and down, and jumps on our dad telling him how much he loves him.

"ok lets go check the place out" dad says

me and charile run up to the door, I feel like I am going to like pee my pants for how excited I am. 

"daddy hurry up I wanna go see" I say

"I am coming"he says while walking up the steps and unlocking the door.

I look to the right and there are staris leading up, look to the left and there are staris leading down staris.

I run down them and look around right when you come down the staris you can see the living room, it has a couch that wraps around the wall, and a big big flat screen tv.

It looks like it could sit about 10 people.

The kitchen is right by the living room, it has 5 counters, and a table that has stools that wrap around it, a stove and some other appliances, it also has a pretty good size refrigrator.I start running around. I look in one of the rooms and the walls are a light blue, it has a king size bed in there with a flat screen tv, and a desk with a computer. 

I look across the hall and there is a big ass bathroom. I go further down the hall and there is a even bigger bedroom, with a walk in closet, a king size bed, desk with a computer, and a flat screen tv. This is soo gonna be my room. I walk back the way I came. Right next to the first bedroom there is another door, 

I walk in and scream. 

Its the game room!!!

There is a flat screen tv, that has a ps3 connected to it, a pool table, and a whole bunch of pin ball tables. There is a bar in there, that has a refrigrator. and a counter that wraps around everything. 

This is sooo freaking awesome. There is a giant book shelf with like a ton of video games, and books.

I go back into the living room, and lay down on one part of the couch. 
I can't believe that I get all of this to myself.

My dad and brother come down the staris.

"so how do you like it" my dad askes

I get up and run over to him and hug him, "I absoutly love it daddy thank you so much"I say

"your welcome princess, but you have to pay for the food, you have all of the appliances that you need, but I will not pay for the food, and you have to help pay the bills so you give me a hundred dollars a month, so that means you have to get a job"

"I will daddy I promise, I have money left from working over the summer, so I will go buy things that I need right know, And I will give you this months rent"

I unzipp my purse and give my dad 200 hundred dollars.

"sweetheart its only 100 not 200"

"I know daddy but I am so grateful that you did all this, thank you so much" I tell him again

"ok well I am going to the grocery store, do you need anything" I ask

"actually yes, when you come back do you wanna pick up a pizza"

"ya sure"

"clara can I come with, I wanna try and find a job to and, and get some snacks for my mini fridge" Charile askes

"of course, hurry up and go and get your shoes on, then we will leave"

"honey go and get the air tank out of the garage for me please" my dad says with a really big smile on his face.

"uh sure,but what is wrong with you" I say while walking up the staris with my dad right behind me.

"oh nothing"

I walk outside and towards the garage.

"what is the passcode to open the garage" I ask

"your birthday"

I type in 0925. My birthday is september 25th.

The door start to open up. 

Once it is fully open I see a black 1973 ford fl50

"happy early birthday Clara"

"OMG OMG OMG OMG I cant believe it daddy I have always wanted a 1973 ford fl50, I can't believe this you are the most amazingest dad ever, I love you soooo much"

"ok enough you better go give that thing a spin"

I jump up and down, and yell "charlie hurry the heck up"

Charlie runs out of the door, and says "omg is that the truck that dad told me he was getting you for your b-day" 

"yes it is so get in"

Charile runs over to the passenger side and gets in, I also get in.

my dad hands me the keys, "have fun sweet heart, and you be good" he says while pointing at charile

"don't worry Dad I will be" Charlie says. 

"you better be, you can't bother her Because she is driving and has to concentrate on that, so be good or you will be grounded from your game room, understand"

"yes dad" Charlie grumbles.

"kay be safe"

"I will be" I say while putting the key in the ignition and driving away.

I turn on the radio and start singing to Just the way you are by Bruno Mars, charile joins me, and we just sing songs, all the way there.

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