To Forget is to Lose Everything

This morning is no different than any other morning. Except it is, for Rosemary Baxton at least. She can't remember a single thing, not even her name. However, she keeps it a secret from everyone, at least for a while. Rosemary soon finds herself in a complicated situation with some untrustworthy people and is determined to find out the real meaning behind it all. And what these people are keeping from her...


1. What's Going On?

I woke up one morning and couldn't remember anything. Not a single name, not even my own, came to mind. I looked at my surroundings. I lay in a queen-sized bed with an olive green bedspread and matching pillow cases. A small wooden nightstand stood next to my bed with a lamp and alarm clock perched on top. 6:54 am it read. I looked around the rest of the room. A couple closets sat in the corner, a desk was up against one of the walls. Most of the things in the room were pretty typical, but the walls were an exception. The walls depicted the most beautiful artwork I had ever scene, not that I remembered seeing to much art. The walls were a deep navy blue color and it was scattered with stars and a big full moon. The bottoms of the walls were covered in evergreen trees that made a forest. There was one cliff aside from everything else, and on it sat a lone wolf that faced the moon, howling into the night. Who could have ever put so much effort into this?

I put my feet onto the cold floor and stood up. I was dressed in a simple black t-shirt and striped pajama pants. "Hello? Is anybody here?" I opened the door and walked down a long hallway and checked every room that I came across. There was no one there. Finally, I stumbled across a room which I assumed was a bathroom. There was a long mirror hanging on one wall and I stood still and stared at my reflection. I had long ginger hair that was all messy from sleep and huge round eyes that looked back at me. Emerald green. My skin was pale and near flawless except for a bit of freckles down my nose and under my eyes.

Thump, thump, thump. Someone was home. "Hello?" I cried out, "Who's there?"

"Honey, it's just me." A tall middle aged woman approached me and hugged me. Her hair was ginger-colored like mine, but was graying at the roots. But her eyes were a dark mahogany instead of green. "Let's go get you something to eat." She walked down a flight of stairs and I followed after her.

"Um, I'm not sure if you know this, but-"

"Jam or butter?" She asked.


"For your toast. What would you like?"

"I'll take..." I couldn't remember what either of them tasted like, "Jam." I guess I'd just stay quiet for a while. It's not like anyone needed to know I couldn't remember a thing.

"So...what day is it today? I forgot..." I asked trying not to give anything away.

"Tuesday. It's October 12th, by the way." She calmly spread the jam across my toast. I looked around the room at the pictures on the wall. Some of me as a kid, some with me and the woman I was with, who I assumed was my mom. I couldn't see a man anywhere. She was probably divorced.

I quickly scanned the walls for a diploma. Nope. I guessed I was in high school, judging on my reflection. "So, there's this project at school...and I need to know my exact age. To the minute. When, exactly, was I born?" I wanted to find out how old I was without making it seem obvious.

"I remember you were born at 9:58 pm on July 14th, as you know, in 1998." I was 16. I got a bit more information about of her as inconspicuously as possible. Siblings, none. Dad, ran away before I was born. Mom's job, works at a bakery. And of course, I found out my name was Rosemary. I was apparently named after the secret ingredient she used in one of her best breads, which was the spice Rosemary. I also went to school at Kennedy High School, which I was apparently going to today.

I packed up my bag and headed out the door. After only a few seconds of waiting outside my house, a big yellow bus came into view. It stopped right in front of me and the door squeaked open. "Hey, Rose." The chubby bus driver greeted me as I stepped on. I didn't know his name but it would be impolite to ignore him so I just said hey.

"Rose! Over here!" A giddy school girl called my name. She had saved the seat next to her for me and I sat down. She had straight brown hair in a cute pixie cut as well as big blue eyes. Her skin was pretty tan, and she seemed to be hispanic. "So, I took your advice and called up Mike and..." Her lips curved into a smile, "He said yes! We're going to a movie on Saturday! Maybe you and Aaron would want to come?" I furrowed my eyebrows. Who's Mike? And Aaron?

"Um, that's great!" I smiled to let her know I was happy for her, although I had know idea what she was talking about. "But what do you mean, me and Aaron?" I asked. I needed to find out who these people were.

"You know, your boyfriend?" She looked at me quizzically. Oh.

"Oh, sorry. I just, can't believe we're...really going out." I covered up my curiosity. After the bus ride was over, I did the same thing I did with my mom. Try and found out as much about her and our school without being too obvious. I know it would be way easier just to tell them, but what if they think I'm crazy? Besides, it would just complicate things.

I got my best friend, as it turns out her name is Angela, to help me find my locker without her knowing. It was my only strategy in order to get by. My locker was plastered with pictures of bands, actors, my mom, Angela and a boy that I didn't recognize. Suddenly, someone grabbed me from behind. I spun and lashed out a round house kick, just out of instinct. "Woah, there, trying to kill me, are ya?" The guy who snuck up on me turned out to be really hot. His hair was a mixture of blonde with a bit of brown and his skin was tan. He was about a head taller than me and his muscles stood out through his tight shirt. He wore jeans and muddy adidas's and had huge green eyes, but his had gold flecks unlike mine. When he smiled at me, my heart rate started to pick up, and it got faster and faster as he came closer.

I blushed just to be in his presence. He put his arms out and hugged me as well as kissed the top of my head. I went back to my locker and checked a schedule that I had posted inside. I got the right books and checked the room number, buts that when I realized, this guy was the guy posted on the inside of my locker. He could only be Aaron. My boyfriend.

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