To Forget is to Lose Everything

This morning is no different than any other morning. Except it is, for Rosemary Baxton at least. She can't remember a single thing, not even her name. However, she keeps it a secret from everyone, at least for a while. Rosemary soon finds herself in a complicated situation with some untrustworthy people and is determined to find out the real meaning behind it all. And what these people are keeping from her...


3. Something's Up

After I finished Art, I heaved a sigh and head to my locker. I packed my bag and looked around for Aaron. I think he said he had Science last period. I wandered around the hallways in search of the Science room and let out a yelp when someone attacked me from behind. I turned to see Aaron smiling at me, again.

"Dude, you need to stop doing that. You're scaring the crap out of me." I laughed.

"Fine. But only if we can continue where we left off..." he smirked.

"Alright, but let's find some place more private." I raised my eyebrows up and down several times which got a hearty laugh out of him. He took my hand and led me to a janitor's closet. It was so cliché, but it really was a good place to be if you wanted to be alone. Aaron locked the door behind us.

"I feel bad for the janitor." I said.

"Why? Because he's constantly getting locked out of his supply closet?" Aaron asked.

"Well that, and I don't think he has any idea what happens inside his closet." I gave him a sexy half smile. I felt like I didn't have to hide anything from Aaron. I didn't have to pretend to be someone else or feel nervous, although I felt like flying when he was around. He made me want to tell him every secret I had. Even ones that no one else knew.

I thought about telling him that I couldn't remember anything from before this morning, but I shook my head and cleared my mind. I pulled him against me as I leaned on the wall. His lips locked with mine and his hands rested on my waist and mine were on the back of his neck. We fit together like two pieces in a puzzle, mentally and physically. He made me feel like no one else was around and he was the only thing that mattered. Thank God he wasn't in any of my classes, or I'd never be able to concentrate.

I was a bit shorter than him, but not too much. His hands fit perfectly on my hips. Our mouths were far enough from our noses so that they didn't collide when we kissed. Every small thing about us was a sign that only proved that this was meant to be. He leaned into me more and his tongue slipped into my mouth. My hands ran down his back and I could feel every muscle underneath. His hands were already under my shirt and I could feel them moving slowly upward.

He kissed me harder and I didn't refuse. We heard voices in the hallway but ignored them. His hands slid down to the button on my pants and he unzipped them. "...purposely...grade...worked...remember" I could only pick out a few words from the voices close by. It sounded like Mrs. Brand. Based on everything I heard and a gut feeling, I'm almost certain she sabotaged my paper. But why? Aaron was trailing kisses down my neck but I pulled away and put a hand on his chest.

"Did...did I go too far?" He asked. His green and gold eyes were wide.

" It's just that...ugh. I think I ought to start from the beginning." I told him about how I woke up with no memory of anything and that Mrs. Brand marked my paper wrong and it might have been on purpose. I told him about how I could hear her talking next door and I might be close to finding out why she gave me an F.

"Wow. That's... wow." he stood there in a kind of shock. There was a bit of awkward silence, but I could tell in his eyes for whatever crazy reason, he actually believed me.

We left the janitor's closet and went towards the room where the voices were coming from. The blinds were shut so we couldn't see inside too well, but I found a little crack in the blinds. "Now that Atticus is dead, and his daughter's memory was wiped we should be safe." An older man with grey hair said.

"But what about his wife?" A man with a potbelly spoke up.

"She wasn't found in the lab and we scanned for her chip and she was located in their house. She musn't have known that they had found our headquarters."

"So where does she think Atticus is then?" someone asked.

"I had someone arrange a meeting in Dubai that he was supposed to attend. His company and his wife think he's attending it." I listened to the conversation a bit more. I wasn't really getting much information out of this, but eventually someone said this.

"Do you think the wipe worked on the girl, what was her name, Rosemary?" The wipe? I grabbed the handle of the door and turned it. You'd think someone would have locked it.

"Rose, I'm not sure that's such a good idea-" Aaron called after me but I had already swung the door wide open. Everyone turned to look at me. "What is she doing here?" someone called out, "Couldn't you take care of her for just one day?" the man was looking at Aaron.

"I-I tried, but, she just got away to quickly."

"No excuses." Mrs. Brand said to Aaron. She was glaring at him.

"Aaron, what are they talking about?" I looked at him earnestly.

"Listen, if you could just-"

"He's with us. He's been working as an intern for a while." Someone said blandly.

"Working for them?! So have you been, what, fake dating or something? Did this ever mean anything to you?" I shouted at him. I didn't know Aaron that well but I had a feeling I used to. There was no way that he could just make my heart speed up by pretending. I didn't know what they were doing to me or my family but if Aaron was using me - then I've had enough. I might have only remembered him for one day but when I was with him, everything else felt surreal. Like it was too good to be true. I guess know why. I turned away and ran down the hallway. Tears blurred my vision but I didn't stop running. I needed to get away from this.

"Go after her!" the old man shouted.

I was running. As fast as I could and wiped the hot salty tears from my eyes. I panted and slowed down, but I kept running. get...away - I felt the cold metal of a syringe plunge into my neck.


I woke up one morning and couldn't remember anything.

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