To Forget is to Lose Everything

This morning is no different than any other morning. Except it is, for Rosemary Baxton at least. She can't remember a single thing, not even her name. However, she keeps it a secret from everyone, at least for a while. Rosemary soon finds herself in a complicated situation with some untrustworthy people and is determined to find out the real meaning behind it all. And what these people are keeping from her...


2. First Day...But Not Really

Aaron walked me to my first class and kissed me on the cheek as he left. My first class was Math. It turns out, I was pretty good at math. I wasn't the best, but I was definitely pretty good. The same with Science, Spanish, German and pretty much all my classes. I kicked some serious butt in English, as I knew all the famous poets, classics and my teacher, Mrs. Allen, loved the short story I wrote. I can remember poets, but I can't remember anyone close to me or anything about my personal life. My best subject so far, had to be History. Mr. Nixon (claimed to be the son of President Nixon) was a pretty nice teacher, but still kept order. I knew the answer to every question, and there was no doubt I was his favorite. The only problem, was Economics. The class didn't really effect my GPA much, but I still wanted to be good at it. I didn't even know why I took the class, it wasn't exactly one of the typical subjects in school anyways. The teacher, Mrs. Brand, hated me. I wondered what I had done before for her to despise me this much. I knew some of what she was talking about, but the fact that I didn't know everything, wasn't the only reason she hated me. There was something else that was getting under her skin.

The bell finally rang and I rushed to the door of the Econ class. "Ms. Baxton, could you stay back a little while? I'd like to talk to you in private." she sneered. I felt warm bile crawl up my throat, but I pushed it down. Angela gave me a worried look and pointed in the direction of our lockers. I nodded, letting her know I'd meet her there.

"Yes, Mrs. Brand?" I tried to stay calm but my voice was shaky. I was nervous.

"I'd like to talk to you about the test you completed last week."

"Yes..." She plopped it down on the table and it landed face up. A big red F was circled at the top.

"This is the second time you've failed an assignment. First it was the end of term test, now this."

"But I-"

"No buts!" She cut me off, "Now, please leave." She turned around and I picked up my test, holding it at a distance. I stuffed it in my bag and walked back to the lockers to meet Angela.

"Rose, what happened in there?" she asked.

"I...failed a test. For the second time." I shook my head. She pulled the test from my bag and looked over it.

"Did you actually look at the questions?"

"Wow, you're really nice, you know that?" I said sarcastically.

"No, I mean when she gave the test back to you just now. A lot of the questions are marked wrong. I mean, not that I know much about economics, but I'm pretty sure it's marked wrong." I raised and eyebrow and she handed me back the paper. Wow, Angela was right. I didn't remember anything about economics but I paid attention in class and she did mark quite a bit wrong. Was she trying to make me fail? "I think I know what's going on. Remember that thing with Aaron..." I didn't know what she was talking about.


"You know, he and Corny were still together when you two..." she raised her eyebrows at me but I still didn't get it.

"Could you refresh my memory?" she began to tell me that before Aaron and this girl named Cornelia (we had nicknamed her Corny 'cause she was pretty much our mortal enemy) were dating but I had a crush on Aaron. One night there was a party at Cornelia's house, and he and I made out. Cornelia caught us and she got mad and went and told her mom, who just happened to be Mrs. Brand. Aaron broke it off with Cornelia and we started dating but Mrs. Brand has continued to hate the both of us ever since.

"Are you sure you don't remember?" Angela asked.

"I do...I just...hit my head yesterday and my head is a little foggy." I gave her a small smile and shut the door to my locker.

I inhaled sharply. I didn't know I was the kind of person to make out with someone's boyfriend. I guess Mrs. Brand had failed me on purpose and I would have to talk to the principal about it. But first, I wanted to get through my first day of school. My last class of the day was Art. I asked Aaron if he would take me to the Art room. He took my hand and I felt my face heat up. He smirked and leaned me gently against a row of lockers. I soon realized what he was doing and leaned into him. His lips were soft and plump and I could feel sparks coursing through us. My hands found their way to the back of his neck and his hands cupped my waist. He pushed me a bit harder against the lockers but I didn't fight back. I gently bit his bottom lip and I could feel his thumbs slip underneath the hem of my shirt. My heart pounded in my chest and I was sure he could feel it.

The bell rang and we both pulled away. "See ya afterschool, okay?" Aaron asked. I nodded and headed down the last hallway to Art. I sat down just as the tardy bell rang and pulled out a pencil from my bag.

"So, today we're going to be continuing with our final paintings for the gallery walk at the end of the school year. Most of you are somewhere in the sketching stage and I'm setting a goal for you to finish your sketches by the end of our next class, so you still have two classes to work on it. Okay, Cornelia, could you grab the supplies?" Cornelia? I looked for her by where the pencils were but only caught a glimpse of brown curls. "Here you go, Rose." The girl who I assumed to be Cornelia gave me a fake smile and then rolled her eyes. Besides her brown curls, she had chocolate brown eyes and she was wearing a lot of mascara. She was really pretty but was surrounded by that rich girl aura. She had her chin pointed up and her hips swayed when she walked which flashed her underwear from underneath her miniskirt.

I went to collect my sketch and saw that everyone else's was of a person. I found the sketch with my name on it and looked down at the person I had started to draw. My sketch was fairly realistic but I still didn't know exactly who it was. I had only drawn the eyes nose and mouth so far. I studied it a bit more and then it hit me. It was Angela. "Rose! You forgot your reference picture." A cute boy handed me a photo and yes, it was a picture of Angela.

"Thanks!" I replied. I looked down at the picture and drew as similar to the photo as possible. After half an hour of sketching and drawing, I had actually made Angela.

"Rosemary! This picture looks amazing! That's Angela Hernandez, right?" I nodded and smiled at the praise from my teacher.

"I'm still working out a few details like shading and such."

"Then it'll be perfect! Well, one would only expect this great of a piece from you." He winked at me and walked back to his desk.

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