Alex Lee Preferences/Imagines

This book is for Alex from Target preferences and imagines only.


1. 1. Where you meet

You hummed a random toon as you looked around at the store Target. You were looking for nothing, you just wanted to get out. It is a Friday night and you had a long and slow week at school.

"Hello beautiful." You heard a voice say from behind you. You turned around and you couldn't believe your eyes. The most handsome man you have ever seen was staring right at you. "Are you looking for something?" His voice was sexy and it turned you on so much.

"No, just looking around." You said. Shit why did you say that? He's gonna leave you now!

"I'm Alex." You smiled and read his nametag.

"I'm (y/n)." You said.

"It is nice to meet you. Maybe we can hang out someday?" You nodded.

"That'd be nice." Alex gave you a piece of paper that had a number on it.

"Call me babe." He said and winked, before getting back to work.

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