In a perfect world

In a perfect world we'd all be different but what if we turned what we are into a perfect world would it make a differance?


8. Megan's story

This is my friend Megan's story I've known her since I was a kid she had a crazy family life two sisters plus one of the sisters husband in jail and a brother whos face got scratched by a bob cat. She always joked about these things saying they were funny little adventures that were just part of life never forgot to mention the good times and I would say that I shouldn't just shed the light on the bad times. I got to sing with the high school choir it was honestly perfect given that I've wanted to do that for along time. Sometimes I wish life could be that amazing. Everyone just having fun and doing nothing else. When everything could be fixed with a movie or a good song but I make a toast even though I have no wine and I'm just sitting here typing. Here's to ya'll may you have far less trying lives than mine is and may you have happier thoughts of your stepfathers then I do mine.


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