In a perfect world

In a perfect world we'd all be different but what if we turned what we are into a perfect world would it make a differance?


3. katelyn's story

Katelyn's personal story about herself

I'm 15 I am junior AROTC and someday I want to go into the military. I want to spend about 3 years there. When I get out I want to be a nurse and have three kids with a loving husband.

This is what I want for her because she is one of my bestfriend's I have a lot of people that I love so that's why I say A lot . She is probably the most honest other freshman there is because I want things for myself that I'm scared to admit like collage and graduation and marrige even..... But for now I contend with reality my dumbass stepfather and well you know this and that but today will be good I know it! Because I'm going to make it great. I hope you all will keep reading .

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