In a perfect world

In a perfect world we'd all be different but what if we turned what we are into a perfect world would it make a differance?


12. Caitlyn Jenner

I don't know where to even begin on her really she is amazing I hope I can do here justice here. Well Cait as I call her is absolutely wonderful in mind and soul. She has courage beyond belief, if I could even begin to think about her and her truly great heart and works I would start with the moment that I finally met her.  She stood there in elegance and grace when she spoke honestly I could never understand the way she did it at that moment and all other moments. For she is what I would've called a genuinor my made up word meaning "good person".  Well she is much more then that. She is just a pure soul trying to find a place in this world. People ask is she a hero? Well I say in a way yes even though the definition of hero is

hero-a person that risks their own life to save someone else


she makes me want to do that for her sake and others.  On I am Cait  today I saw one of caits friends said like this  I have problems with the word Allie people think that because they say they support you and love you that they are an Allie but no there not people who will fight the crowd of people that think your a freak are allies. And she's right.


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