In a perfect world

In a perfect world we'd all be different but what if we turned what we are into a perfect world would it make a differance?


4. an update

Hey guys I had a great Friday out with a friend of mine. Anyway life is calm at the moment no flashbacks or mental 🌏quakes yes but I'm just lazy in typing it out. Except Well I don't love to be blunt but sometimes my stepfather can be such an asshole towards my six year old brother making him feel inferior like he is an ant and butch gets to squash him with his shoe. It sucks because I care about my brother and I don't think I read the pamphlet that said just because he is going through what ever bullshit he refuses to convey that he gets to make the people around him feel like hell it just kills me. Anyway I hope all of you are having an Awsome night and I wish you all the best of life and happiness tonight. I'm alright but I just needed to vent so thank you soo much

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