In a perfect world

In a perfect world we'd all be different but what if we turned what we are into a perfect world would it make a differance?


2. a little about me

I'm kyleelynn and I go to liberty tech magnet high school I am 14 and a freshman so you could probably geuss that I would be one of the most vulnerable though I'm not. The school has over a million different depts. culinary arts,agrow science ,auto mechanics and more including a fine arts dept. that's my choice. I don't really care for sports because I have cerebral palsy which is a muscle condition I'll get to that later but for now my real challenge is getting the drama program off the ground.

Good mourning it's Thursday 11/6 and I'm getting ready for school. Yesterday in mr cavitt's vocal class we were getting ready for the Christmas concert. Life is getting along great I mean all I'm waiting for is my mom to divorce my bastard of a stepfather but other than that I've got harry potter fanfiction and my loyal movella fans for comfort so thank you all. I will update my fanfics soon! So anyway the status of high school really for a freshman is that we're the new kids and yeah you got that right? Ok well what I've really discovered is that the new kids can be considerd nerds and I have accepted that with upmost grace and composure and no I'm not a French horn or clarinet player. I'm a singer you probably know that already but for clarification. I love music and movies but I know mostly eighties songs regular pop and country. I was on a flight with Luke Bryan once I'm not kidding. We just pulled up to my old school and yes I miss it there a lot but oh well life moves on. My dad lives in spoken WA so I don't see him much but me and my brother and mom are moving there after the divorce. It exciting for me because I actually really miss it. Hey if ya'll like my new movella alternate reality could you type yes in the comments? Thanks.

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