Ice queen winter

A story about a ice queen, there live in her own country. She have many animals, and they are ice bear, ice wolf and the foxes.
Its a story on English, and there going to happened many things.

follow my story, and find out what happened.

(Denne historie er også i min novellesamling, og det er der den er kopiret fra. Ps tjek også gerne den.)


1. Before the story

Hello there I will go to write a story about my life. Come and read with me. My name is Laura and I have a long story to you, so let´s get start.

 New to the story about the winter queen. 

I am a very important person for a country with name Magic Lapland, and I’m important because I am a Queen of the country and I can do what I will.

I have also my people, or I mean I have animals to do many things for me, and they doing what I say to them. I can do what I want. Tomorrow will my animals go out to all people in my country, because I will give a letter to them all. They should have a letter because I will kill a bad people, and all my people need to know about it. Something will the people not now never know. It´s because I think they don’t need to know all about it.

They will just be scarred, but it does not matter for me. That people I want to kill is because they are bad for me and my little world, or I mean my country.

In my country are there all time winter, because I am a winter queen. I don´t like summer, and I will not come to do it. So I will have winter, all time. Can you not like winter, don´t live in my country, just advices to you from me. I hope, there will go many years ago before I will die, but maybe I will going to die in a war. I don´t hope on that. I will not think about it, not today. 

about a few days, will I going to start, a new thing here in my country. I will not tell what it is, because my people in my country will know it soon. So I tell it to you later . "I promise sweetheart".

Today it's a big day for all people in Magic lapland. Today will I send my ice wolf and my ice fox out to my people and give them a letter there are from me. In the letter will there stand this:

"Hello there, in this week will all not count come out side, because My animals will do things there not will be good for you, as the oder. So hold you inside the next week, (4-5 days). Or you maybe will die. Then you need to hold you and your family in site, this days."

Can you have a nice day?

From your queen!

Today is all people in site, there are no one out side, because they so what there stand in the letter from there queen, and they will not die. All the queen´s animals are out and do the nature different then what before, and it´s what the people not most go out. There will come foot to them, so they can live without come outside. 

There go many times, and people will out, but they can´t. The next week are going slowly. 

2 days, and we can come out again. 

Here are a letter from a family, to the queen. 
Read it and answer back to them. 

" Hello Queen, we are a family in your country, and we will so much come and see your palace. Can we come about 2 weeks and do anythings for you?"

From a little family, with name Mia and Henrik smith. 

"Hello family Smith. Maybe one day you can come to see it, but not this year. I don't like people in my country there will come in my palace. But not you, then you are very sweet and you have 2 girls. But how old are they and also you?" 
send it back to the family. Says the queen. 

Yes sir, I will do it now. 

After 2 days get the family the letter back and there stay they not could come this year but maybe next year. 

The girls will not come to find about it, because they will just be sad and this will we not gunna happened. - say the girls mom. So we will not show it to them.

The queen give a letter again to the little family, and now will the queen let them come close on her, and the family will get a adventure on the queen's palace. Now are the family happy and the girls will delight to see the palace and they will going to begin a story about the queen's palace. 

"Today will we going to see the queens palace and only us, will come so close on Magic Lapland's queen. Just us".

"We are there now and it so big, there are so many things in here, and there can be so many people here. Why are there not coming more people queen, you have so much place here?"

"Because little girl, I will not have people in here, just my animals there help me to do things I don't self do. But maybe are there coming a show here on my palace to all people here in Magic Lapland. Will you and your sister like this? Then you will come back to my palace and me"

"Yes, we will love it, but we must talk about it with mom and dad. 

"Hey mom, can we return back here one day, that day there maybe will be a show for us? Then will we help the Queen, if she want it. Please mom and dad, we will love it so much and always be happy then you talk to us." 

"Fine, take your and your sister with you and get to that show. But can we also come?"

"Yea, only you and your family know it. It will be about 12 weeks and there will not be so many people there. I invite you because you are so sweet and then you have so beautiful girls. Thanks because you will come here. It do my so happy. "

Thank you queen, so are we also happy. We will go home, and talk about this day then we talk with you, and we will delight to the show you have to us". 

The family talk together about their adventure today. The girls are so happy and it will be a big remembrance the day's after this wonderful day. 

Will the people in Magic Lapland were happy so I'm happy. - says the queen over this country.

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