9. Sydeny here we come!

(Luke's Pov)

I was surrounded by the boys from one direction. "So are you going to do it" asked Harry. Go on tour with them around the world with my own band. "Sounds cool but I have to think about it" I answered. He nodded. They practised some of their new songs in front of me to see what I think. "That one was good except Zayne and Louis you need to sing a bit louder but you guys harmonise great together." I explained. "Cool thanks for the feed back" Niall said with his Scottish accent.


We were just chilling by the pool when I saw Michael and Calum walking this way! I jumped up. I hugged them both. "Lads what are you doing here?" I asked happily. "Well Michael tell him" Calum urged. "We are in fact getting 5 seconds of summer what together" he said. Yes! "Guys the one direction lads asked me to go on tour with them with a new band but I'm going to ask them if we can" I said.


(Michael's Pov)

"Whoa Luke slow down mate, we gotta get Ash back first, he might not wanna be in out band anymore" explained Calum. "Come on our flights in an hour!" I said. "Righto I will get my stuff and we will go to the airport then" Luke said. Luke went and got his stuff without saying goodbye to the boys and we got into a cab to the airport. We finally got there and there was only fifteen minutes until the plane flies. So we went through security with our luggage and quickly gave the tickets to the lady and we ran to the plan. We got a three seater and I was in the middle. I took a deep breath to calm myself I can't believe this is all happening.


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