4. searching

(Luke's pov)


I woke up everything was dead quite. The boys must not be home. The room I was in was filled with candles. All there was in this hotel room was a queen sized bed, a cupboard, a balcony and my own bathroom. Ashton and I shared this room and Calum and Michael shared the one across the hall. "Ashton?" I called. I heard foot steps and the door opened. "Hey Luke." he said tiredly. "What time is it?" I asked.

"7:20am." he replied.

I got up. I walked around our hotel apartment. Calum and Michael weren't anywhere to be seen. Where on earth are they. 5am was the agreement time that we would always come back to the hotel at we made a commitment I thought Michael would stick to it. "Have you heard from them?" I asked.

"Nah I've tried calling them." Ashton replied. Ashton went into their room. He came back in 5 minutes.

"Michal's stuff is gone and there was a note." Ashton said. We opened it. It said:

To Luke and Ash,

Calum got into a massive fight he punched me then he went unconscious from to much alcholol im sick of him I'm sorry but I quit I cant be in a band with a guy he isn't dedicated or responsible about anything. Sorry from Mikey. To be continued

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