5. searching part 2

(Ashton's pov)

We looked at each other sadly.

"Let's go find Calum." I said. Luke nodded in agreement. We drove to the nearest hospital (LA public hospital) in a black BMW. I asked the Man at the front counter for a Calum Hood. He took asked us a few question them took as through to Calum. We walked into the hospital room. There was a drunkin bashed up teenager that looked like Calum sleeping on the hospital bed. I shook my head. This is all my fault I'm the oldest of the band I'm supposed look after them. Luke patted me on the shoulder.

"Ash he will be ok." Luke said soothingly.

"I hope so." I said.

We waited until Calum was able to talk. He told us everything of what he could remember.

"Calum we aren't a band anymore Michael left." I said. He glanced at the ceiling.

"I remember Michael crying then me crying that's all I remember of being here." He explained. This is all messed up. Suddenly a thought hit me. The fans. God what are we going to tell them that three nearly four years was a waste. Michael and Calum used to be really close but this year things have changed.

Four days later:

I gave Calum and Luke a bear hug. Then I said my good byes. I watched and waved as they got on the plane. I felt like crying but I couldn't I had to keep strong.

Calum's going back to Australia then him and his fambam are moving to New Zealand where the rest of his family is and so he can get a fresh start. Luke's staying in Sydney probably in an apartment or with his family he will get a good singing career he has big dreams that kid. Michael went back to Sydney for a month then decided to move to Perth I'm not sure what for because we lost contact he said he couldn't talk to us anymore because it would be to hard. And as for me I stayed in LA and met this lovely girl Brianna and she became my girlfriend.

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