8. Problems can be fixed

(Michael's Pov)

I woke up gasping for air. My heart was racing one hundred beats per second. I took a few deep breaths. After a couple minutes it slowed down and went back to normal. My head spun. Yep I'm hung over. I reached for the old bucket next to my bed. After I finished being sick I laid back down. The only thing I remembered from last night was that some one I new tapped me on the shoulder but who was it? I need answers. I thought about cutting. I glanced at the blades on my bed side table. No I need to know who it was. I got up and walked down to the bar unsteadily. No one was working this early. I decided not to eat but instead go for a walk i need the fresh air.


(Calum's Pov)

I ate some breakfast and got into my togs i wanted to go to the beach or pool. I walked down the street. I didn't know where to go so i decided to walk to the nearest shop. I stopped by the park and sat on a bench. A couple minutes later Michael came and sat next to me. "Hi" I said. "Calum what are you doing here?" he questioned. I'm on holiday" i replied casually. "Cool" he said. It went silent. Michael was looking into the distance. "what happened to you" he asked me. I smirked. "I could ask you the same question" I said. He laughed. It was nice to here a friends laugh I missed joking around with the boys. It went silent again. "Ever since I left you that night I've been depressed. I wasn't thinking straight when i left the band it was just a hectic night. I regret it so much i let you guys down i let my parents down and all my dreams came crashing down. So I moved here and got a job and an apartment but I lost my job because i was to distracted and I couldn't afford the apartment anymore. So i became homeless and starting busking and the bar found me so now I spend my nights getting drunk sometimes until I'm unconscious" Michael said. He looked towards the ground. I feel sorry for him but the only thing I can do to help is get the band back together. "Michael Clifford we are going to get the band back together." I explained getting up. I started walking back to the hotel. Michael followed along with a big grin on his face.

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