3. party time

(Michael's pov)

I suddenly felt the urge to party.

"Cal wanna go to a party with me like now!" I said.

"Ah yeah sure I know the perfect place come on let's get ready." He said.

We got ready and got into a black car.

"Wait where's Luke and Ashton?" I asked.

"I don't know their not coming." Calum said.

Something didn't feel right. The car stopped. I looked out the window. Their was a huge house with people everywhere. "Big party!" I say. Cal nodded. He got out the car I followed. He was walking really unsteadily. I just realised how much alcohol Calum drank on the way here. I better keep an eye on him.

I danced with a few girls drank a bit danced some more and talked to heaps of different people. Am I forgetting something. Oh shit Calum! I searched around the the back yard where everyone one else was. I pushed through the crowd. Calum was fighting some guy who looked pretty strong. I mean Cal does have muscles but this guy was huge! The guy took a swing at Cal and hit him in guts. I couldn't watch this I went in-between them. Calum stared at me. "Come on time to go" I said patiently. He looked like he was going to faint any second.

"Fuck off Michael!" He shouted. I shook my head.

He punch me in the jaw.

Ten minutes later I woke up. Calum. I was in some ransoms bed. The room was dark but a lamp was on. I sat up my jaw ached. I heard sirens. Oh no. I quickly got up and raced down the houses stairs. I found the door and ran outside Calum was getting taking away in an ambulance he was unconscious. I got in the ambulance with him.

Two hours later:

"I'm sick of this Calum your not dedicated to this band at all you piece of shit!" I yelled. He just sat there looking into outer space. "Calum I've had enough with this I'm done with this band." I said. Tears rolled down his face. "I'm sorry." He said sincerely. I nodded tears rolling down my face. "Me to but it's too late, bye Cal." I said. With that I walked out of the room and out of the hospital everything was a blur all I knew was I had to go home. (To be continued)

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