2. LA

(Ashton's pov)

We got off the plane at 6:20am I was totally jet legged. We walked into the airport and all I heard was screaming. Of course it was the fans. I love them so much they have been here for us and they are the most incredible people. I looked at the boys and they all looked dead tired too. As the fans ran towards us the security guards came out. But the fans reached us first.

"Ashton." the girls next to me screamed. We took hundreds of photos with the fans until we were exhausted we don't like to disappoint the fans. We got in a limo (to my surprise) and we went to a hotel. We went straight to bed we were dead tired.

(Calum's pov)

I got into the limo. Wow LA is gonna rock. I picked up my phone which was buzzing with messages. I tried to read as many as possible. One said: Cal what tattoo are you going to get next? Next tat um I have no idea I wonder if I should get a sleeve...

"Cal stop being so anti social." Michael said.

I poked my tongue out.

"What tattoo should I get next fellas?" I asked.

Luke smirked.

"What?" I said.

"The word 5SOS on your butt." Luke said happily. I laughed so hard.

"But if it's going to be on my ass the fans will see it..." I said.

Ashton looked annoyed.

"Hey don't diss the name I have it tattooed on my arm C dizzle." Said Ashton.

Yep Ashton's moody. Again. I rolled my eyes.

We arrived at the hotel. We went up to check in. The receptionist was so beautiful I was stunned.

(To be continued)

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