6. Disconnected

(Calum's pov)

1 year and 3 months later:

I got up ready for work. I work at the Gym as a personal trainer, my dad owns the gym. Heaps of people come and I get payed allot but it's not music business. I opened the door of our house and rode my bike to the gym. Girls still waved at me when they saw me and got pics but popularity has died down allot. I haven't heard from the others at all. I don't even know where they are. I miss them. I arrived at the gym and unlocked everything Dad was away on business so it was just me and Mum but Mum had her own job. I made sure all the equipment was ready to go. I finished at 4:30pm and got one of the other staff members to close up at 7:00pm. I got home feeling down. I sat down at the dining room table with Mum.

She glanced at me. I looked at the bowel of food in front of me and stirred the salad around. "What's wrong Cal?" Mum asked. Well I miss writing music. Performing. The boys. The fans. Australia. I sighed. "What is it pumpkin you can tell me anything." She said.

"I think I need a holiday." I said. She nodded. She had her thinking face on.

"Go on a holiday back home, when was the last time you went home?" She asked.

"I am home." I said sadly.

"You know what I mean." She said sternly.

"1 year." I said flatly.

It's settled then your sister and I will look after everything and you shall go on a holiday to Australia." Mum boomed.

I grinned. I kissed her on the cheeks.

I got my luggage and walked out of Perth's airport. I just stood there looking around. Hmm where too. You know what I'm gonna go to Mantra resort that was always my favourite. I arrived at Mantra resort and went up to reception. "Hello I'm Calum Hood I wanna check in I haven't booked." I explained. The lady smiled. "Would you like the penthouse it's available three nights but the catch is you have to be a waiter all three nights at the restaurant that we also run down the road Mantras Nando's." She said. Sounds good to me except no drinking at all for me. "Ok sure thing." I said happily. She gave me my key and I took the lift to floor 60. I fell onto the king sized bed.

I woke up and there was a note and a suit on the chair next to the bed. It read:

Shift starts at 8:00pm and ends 10:30pm. He's the tuxedo it's compulsory that you wear it.

I checked my iPhone it was 7:45pm. I quickly but on the tuxedo and looked in the mirror. There was a man in a suit that I didn't recognise. Wow I've changed I'm so glad I'm not a loser like I used to be I'm a responsible guy now. I put on shoes and walked out of the huge penthouse. Nando's was filled with lights hanging everywhere, people, loud music, alcohol and tables. I haven't drunk alcohol in 6 months and I'm not going to anytime soon.

The boss instructed me and I got to work. I took drinks around to everyone. Suddenly the stage light up and a tall dark figure merged on the stage he had black hair and black clothes on. He looked wasted. He kind of looked familiar. He took the microphone and started singing. It was Michael! He sung so badly because he was that drunk I walked closer to the stage. I noticed his clothes they looked like they've never been washed. Michael was always OCD with clothes and hands. I looked at his face. He had nose piercings, eye brow piercings and lip piercings. His eyes were really red. He's on drugs. He had heaps of tattoos.This is not the same Michael I knew. We are complete opposites I'm a responsible guy now I've even gotten my tattoos covered up and Michael's well a complete wreck.

The crowd cheered and danced along they were probably all drunk too. After he finished he wobbled off stage. I followed him. I tapped him on the shoulder. "Mikey?" I said. He turned around. He stared at me. "Calum." He said causally. "Dude you need to sit down." I said calmly. He shook his head. He held on to a chair nearby. "Back off mate before I knock ya out!" He said. He pushed me back with one arm. I noticed that there was about 30 cuts on his arm. That made me sad. Michael Clifford was officially gone.

I looked at the clock I had half an hour left. Michael feel asleep on a couch. I served more drinks. My shift finished. I walked up to another bar tender. "Hey see that guy asleep on the couch there." I said to him. "Yeah." He replied. "Does he come here allot?" I asked. "He was homeless but boss heard him busking for money and he was really good so we have an agreement if he plays gigs he can live upstairs." Explained the guy. "Oh ok." I said. I walked back over to Mikey and pulled him up. I helped him upstairs to his room. He then fell onto his bed. I turned the light off and locked the door. I never thought I'd be the one doing that I always thought Mikey was like my superhero always there when I needed him. He needs me.

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