7. Another Life

(Ashton's pov)
I walked into Brianna's apartment. "Hey baby" I said. She jumped off the couch and ran over to me a huge grin on her face. She seemed to always be happy to see me. "Ash" she said excitedly. We hugged. I hadn't seen her in a week because we've both been busy with work I work at the DVD shop and I get lots of shifts and Brianna works at Target. We sat down on the couch. "How's work been" I asked her eagerly.
"Yeah same old same old" she replied.
"Go get dressed into something nice and meet me on the roof of the balcony" I said.
(Brianna's pov)
I went into my bedroom and found a gorgeous white dress so I put that on I then put on some makeup quickly and did my hair into a French twisted bun. I put on white high heels. I walked up the stairs to the roof of my apartment. It was outside. I finally reached the last step and I could see candles everywhere a golden table with two gold chairs there were menus and candles on the table and flowers! And there was a garden on my roof it looked absolutely amazing. How did he do this? I've been meaning to install a garden. I looked around for my true love the most romantic guy I've ever meet Ashton Irwin. I kept walking over to the table.
"So do you like it" Ashton said from behind me. I turned around to face him. He looked really nice.
"No I don't like it Ashton.... I love it!" I said happily. He grinned. He then held me in his arms and kissed me.


(Luke’s pov)

I got out of my car and headed toward the beach with my surfboard. Ever since the band broke up surfing has been my life it’s like kinda replacing the music career but it’s nowhere near as good. I sing on the radio and stuff but I don’t perform. I miss it. I miss everything about 5 seconds of summer. But who are they the past year and 3 months we have just sunk and aren’t coming back up. I love being home though as they say home is where the heart is and that’s here in Australia. I’ve got goals for myself. 1) Get back into music industry. 2) Continue surfing to raise money 3) meet up with the boys some time. I don’t have girlfriend because I’m not into the whole dating thing I’m just relaxed as I am. I know she will be out there someday but today I’m focusing on relaxing. I drop my towel and thongs on the sand and I walked towards the water. I can feel the breeze coming through the trees. I dive into the water and I paddle out to the bigger waves.


I get out of the water feeling happy. I look up and there is two girls about ages 15 to 16 standing there blushing. When we were popular there would have been thousands standing there but I’m still grateful to still have fans it means a lot to me. “Heeeey Luke can we get a quick photo” they asked. I smiled. “Sure” I replied. I took the photo. They screamed and then cried so I hugged them and said goodbye. I headed towards the shopping centre when a car pulled up right in front of me. “Luke Hemming’s” said a familiar voice. Niall Horan stepped out of the car. I was so shocked to see him but happy. “Niall” I said stunned. He shook my hand. “Come on hop in we are going to a hotel where the 1D lads are” he explained. I nodded. I was seriously speechless. Were Ashton, Michael and Calum coming too?

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