7. Luke's p.o.v

The doctors pulled me into a room. I had no idea where I was, maybe even who I was. All I remember is Anna. I really love her. I may not remember everything, but I do remember the feeling it gave me when I was with her. She's amazing. She's beautiful, kind, funny, and perfect. I wouldn't ever want anybody except her. She's so lovable and she likes me. I can't believe that I'm that lucky! I was lost in thought and heard the doctors yelling "Luke!"."oh! sorry" I said. They asked me questions like "who am I", "Luke. "who are these people" "My parents". " what do you remember about them?" "Nothing". "Who is Anna?" "The girl that it love, she makes me feel special and loved. She's amazing. She's beautiful, kind, and very lovable." I said. My parents looked at me shocked. I just shrug and look through the window and see doctors forcing Anna to leave. They held onto her shoulders and pushed her as she pushes back. "What are they doing to her?" I jumped out of my chair and said. "I think they're moving her out of here to the better place down in England" we were far from there. "No!" I yelled. I ran past the nurses the tried to keep me out. I found Anna struggling to leave. "Anna!" I yelled. "Luke!" She yelled back. I ran to her and got past the people pushing her away. I grabbed her by the waist and leaned in and kissed her. She kissed back as the doctors stepped back. Soon we were surrounded by people. They murmured to each other and faced each other with confused faces. I pulled her closer as she took a breath and leaned back in. The crowd all we went into a conference room as we were told to wait in a room with nothing but a door, the door we entered. After about 10 minutes a nurse came in. Before Anna could ask what was going on she was interrupted by the nurse "how am I gonna break this to you guys... Ummm well you guys kind of were pushed off a 45 floor building and somehow survived with each other, you guys awoke with amnesia. You remember little things really. But you guys mainly remember each other. All you can tell us about in detail, is each other." We gasped quietly. "Well you guys love each other deeply and well... Umm... You can't see each other for a while." The nurse said. I walked behind Anna who was facing the nurse in awe, I was behind her and I wrapped my arms around her. "No you can't do this" I said. "I'm afraid I can't, but the doctors can, they say it's best for you to remember your past life" Anna turned around and leaned into me. Her head was in my chest as I felt a tear drip off her face onto my skin. I held her tightly and cried with her. "This is your last week together" I grabbed Anna and wouldn't let her go. She hugged me and I may have been more dramatic than her. Well... For all I know, when Anna leaves, life will be a living nightmare:I

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