6. Anna's p.o.v

I awoke to the bright light pointing on me. The people yelled "hooray they're awake!" I looked at them confused "who are you?" I saw two adults and a girl my age look sad and stated to cry while covering their face. I turned to my other side and saw a guy, I recognized him. "Luke?" I said. "Anna" he said. Anna was my name and luke was his. The doctors were shocked. They left the room for half an hour while me and Luke looked into each other's eyes. That may have been all we had left... Each other. He stroked my hair and pulled me close. We kept looking into each other's eyes. The doctors came in and pulled us apart into separate rooms. They asked me questions like "what's your name?""how old are you?""do you know these people?" As he pointed to the people crying. The last question was "who was that guy?" "Luke" I awnsered. The rest of the questions awnsers were I don't knows and Anna. I really couldn't remember anything... Except Luke.

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