5. Anna's p.o.v

This date was amazing. Now im not even sure what it is. Im at his house now. It is a freakin mansion! We were in his room watching paranormal activity and cuddling. Gahhh he is so perfect. He cooked us popcorn and ordered pizza so we were eating that at the same time. It was at a scary part in the movie so i covered my face in his chest. "You okay love?" He asked. "Kind of" i mumbled into his hood.

It kept getting darker outside. It was about 2pm when the movie ended. "Well crap its late" i said but he just laid down and pulled me closer and said "maybe you can stay here" "yeah, that would be fun and easier" "yeah!" He let me wear his GIANT hoodie that fit like a night gown. "Well i see it fits" he said and chuckled. "Haha very funny" i said with lifeless jazz hands. He just laughed and i laid down beside him. He turned the lights out and we fell asleep and cuddled. I woke up at 8am and saw him looking at me. When he noticed i was awake he blushes and looked away "creeepy" i said. He laughed and kissed me cheek. "What now love?" I blushed and said "well i don't know" he stood up and carried me downstairs like i was a princess and he was the prince. He set me down. "What do you want for breakfast? We have cereal or cereal" he said as he had the same box of cereal. "Ummm I-" i was interupted as he said "naw we have waffle makers and pancake mix" "sweet!" He started cooking me breakfast as we talked. I was watching spongebob as we talked. He finished and brought the finished product over as we watched spongebob. We just kept eatin until we were finished. Soon i grabbed my phone and found out my parents need me to stay the night at a friends tonight. They had a bag packed for me to stay the night at ellas but i stayed at lukes. Once I got back to lukes I changed into a new outfit that included skinny jeans and a band t shirt. I came downstairs to see luke waiting for me. "Let me take you somewhere" he said. "O-okay luke""come on love" he grabbed my hand and pulled me with him. Right when we got in the car it was 4pm. We kept driving like there was no tomorrow. Once it was 6pm we arrived at a 5-Star 45 story hotel. It was preeeeety. He took my hand and pulled me to the roof where a fancy BIG plate of noodles were. We sat as the chefs brought us nice appetizers (even tho we had our meal) we are so much. I was full but there was still food left. Me and Luke were sharing. We both slurped a noodle and soon realized it was the same noodle. We kept slurping until it was almost gone. Soon we slurped down most of it and our lips were touching as he kissed me. This time it was one of those 'not first kiss becauz I lava you' kisses. Omg it was so great! Soon the background music played a slow song and me and Luke were dancing and holding on to each other tightly.

When the song was over we walked to the edge, looked into each other's eyes, and we felt a push, push us. Before we knew it, we were falling down 45 floors.

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