4. Anna's p.o.v

It was noon and I was at the food court waiting for Luke. He came through with a crowd of girls following him commenting on how hot he looks today. I have to admit it. He did look hot though :I. He walked up to me, hugged me with his arms around my waist, he hugged me for a while and I tried pulling back but he hugged harder. I heard a whisper coming from his mouth "wait until they leave" I nodded and embraced his hug and leaned on him. I guess it worked because they left. "Wow your good at this" luke said and nodded "well this may not be the first time Ive done this" I said "haha okay" I just smiled "so, where do you wanna go?" He asked "well I don't really know, where do you wanna go?" "How about the movies, a new marvel movie just came out, Guardians of the galaxy" "okay" "Do you want to see that Anna?" "Yes, of course I do" I looked into his eyes that were looking into mine, he looked away and blushed "Great! Then lets go see when the next showing is" "alright" we just kept walking to the theater. It started to get crowded around the food court. The people kept bumping into us. Somebody bumped me into luke. Our hands touched a few times and suddenly his hand wrapped around mine and we were holding hands. I blushed and looked at my feet. We just got away from the crowd and we were pretty far from the movie theater still. "Wow that was a lot of people" I said. Luke looked at me and said "yeah, I heard they just opened a new pizza place though" "oh, that explains it" I said. Luke chuckled and grinned, he was really cute when he grinned. He looked into my eyes and caught me looking into his. I looked away and blushed "You know your really cute when you blush" luke said. I blushed even more. I really hope i dont look stupid right now. "Not just when you blush, you look cute all the time" he said. Oh boy i thought. "Really?" I asked. "Yes you do" he said as he grinned. I looked into his eyes and smiled. He smiled back. We just arrived in front of the theater. "2 tickets to guardians of the galaxy" he said to the ticket person. "Okay, its on your left, room number 18" she said. We walked there and realized that it was the biggest theater in the mall. We talked about life until the movie started. The movie was good and funny. We enjoyed it. But when it ended, it was only 10pm. "Its 10 pm" luke said. "That was what i was just thinking" i said. He smiled. "Do you wanna sneak in a movie?" He whispered. I nodded. We snuck into the fault in our stars. He didnt even know what movie we were watching. I just grabbed his hand and walked towards the fault in our stars. We got seats in the middle of the theater, the best seats. It was great so far, i know its supposed to be sad but i was alright because i was with luke. He put the cup holder up so we had a mega seat<3

He pulled me closer to him and cuddled with me. I curled up into his big muscular chest and leaned on him. He pulled me closer when he heard me crying. "Its okay" he whispered. I blushed for a sec but pretended like i wasnt by hiding my face. The movie ended and he pulled me close to his face and kissed me. It was one of those slow first kiss type of kiss. It was good. He pulled back and said "man ive been trying not to do that for a while now" i blushed like a tomato. On the outside i was just shocked. He blushed an looked away. But it was now or neever. So i just hugged him. He blushes even more and hugs me tighter. <3

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