3. Anna's p.o.v

I got home at 9 pm and I just collapsed on my bed, turned on my phone, and I got a text from a stranger I opened it and it read "hey love, it's luke ;)" I smiled creepily and texted "hey Luke ;)" "Wyd" "Nun really just got home, what about you?" "Just missin you;)" "awwwe, I miss you too ;)" "do you wanna meet at the mall tomorrow?" "Yeah, that would be fun:)!" "Ok, I've got to go to my band rehearsal, bye love ;)" "goodbye luke ;)"

I was smiling like crazy. I let out a squeal every once and a while. I called Ella and told her about what just happened "Oh my gawsh! Good for you :D" "awwwwwe this is just so perfect!" "It is totally perfect" "awww yes, yes it is" "I'm so happy for you XD!" "Aew shucks" "well Anna, I'm pretty tired, so I'm gonna go to sleep. Goodnight Anna" "goodnight Ella" the phone call ended and I got ready for bed and watched a movie, but fell asleep around halfway through. I dreamt about Luke and I going to Antarctica and taking home a few penguins. Once we got home we bought a mansion and we hugged our penguins, and of course... Each other. It was a good dream. A really good dream. I really like penguins, I mean I really really really really really like them. I love them. You know what? I want a penguin. I spent my morning trying to buy a penguin. Then I got a call from Luke, I awnsered "When do you want to meet up?" Luke said "Hello to you too" "sorry, but when and where do you want to meet up" "how about at noon we meet at the food court. Sound good?" "Sounds great babe ;)" There was a long moment of silence I was thinking about what he just said. Did I imagine it, Did he say that, Did I even hear him, or was I even paying attention. "Ok good babe ;)" there was a moment of silence again. Did I really just say that. Gahhhhhh! "Well I'll see you soon, bye" I didn't even need to respond, I already ruined it, can't wait to ruin it again at noon :I.

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