2. Anna's p.o.v

I was awoken to the sound of the birds chirping and the sunlight flashing in my face. It was a beautiful day and I planned on doing nothing. I thought. Moments later my best friend, Ella texted me. My the text read "hey! It's a beautiful day and I won't let you stay home all day. I'll be at your house in half an hour so we can go to the mall :D" I hopped out of bed and got ready. I opened my bedroom door and there Ella was, just waiting in front of my door. I let out a shriek, I mean after all it's not every day you open your door and see your best friend waiting in the doorway. Ella just laughed "are you ready to go Anna?" "I-I-I think so o.O" Ella grabbed my hand and pulled me to her car and we left for the mall. Once we got there we went straight to the movies. It took us a few minutes to decide what to watch and we finally decided on X-Men. We took our seats in the middle of the room and whispered to each other until the previews started. She had her eyes glued to the movie screen, I on the other hand had my eyes attached to the cute guy that sat by me. I didn't know him so it felt kind of awkward, but I didn't want him to move. He had nice quaffed blonde hair, a perfectly shaped face, a lip piercing, and the deepest blue eyes you could ever see. He turned his head and caught me staring at him. I looked down at my cuffed hands and blushed. "Hi, I'm luke, and who might you be" there was a moment of silence, it took me a couple of seconds to realize that he was talking to me. I looked up into his deep blue eyes that were staring right at me. "Hi-Hi me?" He giggles "yes you" he says as he grins. "Oh ummm, I ummm umm I'm Anna" I blushed when I realized I was stuttering, but I wasn't about to look away. "Well it's nice to meet you Anna" Luke says as he smiles, I returned the greeting by smiling. I felt like my smile might've been embarrassing from the way it felt, but I didn't really care. "Are you an X-Men fan" he asked me. "I wouldn't say a fan but you could say that" he nods "well that's cool... I think" his eyes drifted away from me to Ella who was still glued to the movie screen. "Do you know her" "ashamedly yes" I said and nodded my head. He giggled. We talked for a while, we missed the beginning of the movie. But it was worth it, atleast that's what I think. By the end of the movie we were good friends. Luke and I left the theater together while Ella followed while she updated her status to 'taking selfies😗' Luke was very fun to talk to. Not only his sense of humor, but his generosity. He made me feel weird, in a good way. We were just about to go our seperate ways when he asked for my phone number. I was panicking on the inside. I was thinking what do I do... WHAT DO I DO. I was just frozen there for a sec when Ella took a pen and wrote down my phone number. We seperated... But at least I have his number now 😏

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