Pinki's Past

Pinki, the main character of 'The Paw Academy' once had a past that she loved. Until something horrid happens to her family.


1. I met the others

It was a sunny day when I woke up, I lifted my head looking around before realizing my fluffy pink covers were still over my head. I shook my head making the covers slide off but also making my hair look wild. I crawled out from under my covers to stand on top of them. I started to climb off my bed when I realize how high up I was. I stopped suddenly but my cover had another idea and began to slide off making me go with it. I fell over with them but thankfully most of the covers were already on the floor so I landed just a tad less harder. With my brother room being right next to mine he heard the slight thud and quickly came to my room. "Are you alright?" he asked pushing my door open with his paw "Big brother!" I squealed trying to get untangled from my cover. When I finally got free he was gone. "Big brother? Where did you go?" I ran out the door looking around for him. I ran into the kitchen thinking he'd get some biscuits as a snack while we'd be outside, not paying attention as soon as I turned the corner into the kitchen I ran into my mother's leg. I fell back landing on my rump, rubbing my nose. "Hello dear, what's the big hurry?" she picked my up by my scruff and placed me in chair but I sat higher because of the booster. "I was looking for big brother. He promised to take me outside today." She placed a biscuit in the shape of a bone in front of me and started to brush my hair. "Josh is in his room. He might still be there." She picked up a light pink bow and placed it in my hair near my ear. I continued to eat the biscuit until it was gone. "Ok, done." I lept to the floor before I was stopped by something holding my tail tot he floor. I turned around to see my father holding me in place with my paw. "Daddy, let go." I giggled as he picked me up with his paw and put me on his back "Where are you off to in such a hurry?" He sat down making me slide down his back. "Big brother promised to take me outside today." My father continued to smile "Alright, just be sure to stay out of the woods, alright?" I've never known why I shouldn't go into the woods but I didn't want to find out right now, I just wanted to go outside. "Ok daddy." I ran to my brothers door, sliding into it as I tried to stop. "Big brother! I'm ready  to go outside!" I squealed pawing at his door. The door opened and my brother stood infront of me "Are you ready?" he asked. I nodded with my tail wagging "Ok, let's go!" He lept over me running out the front door. I quickly ran after him trying my best to catch up, when I got out the door he was already sitting next to a tree in front of our house but a little ways out. I quickly ran over "What are we doing? Are we going to chase a squirrel?" I sat next to him  as he shook his head "No, were going to meet the others. I've asked Tower and Future to pick up the others. They should be here right" I look in the direction my brother was looking and fear took over me. I quickly scrambled and hid behind him. "Pinki, what're you-?" I didn't move or say a word just hid behind him. "Hey Josh. We're all here. Except Ryer, he said he'll be here later." A dark grey male sat down near my brother. "Oh ok, Pinki this is Tower and his sister Varian." He pointed  to a lighter version of the male but her eyes were different , they were like orbs. "This is Future and her little sisters Union and Cloud." He looked to the three completely white ones. It was going to be a challenge trying to tell them apart. "And this is Rugby." he pointed to a gold looking pup. This pup smiled as if nothing could ruin his mood. "Hello." he stood and walked to where I was hiding behind my brother "Won't you come out?" He pawed at my nose "It's ok I won't hurt you."  I smiled  "Ok." I slowly walk out from behind  my brother with Rugby right next to me. "Everyone this is Pinki."  Everyone stared at me as if they've never seen a pup like me before. "Uh, hello." I tried to feel comfident "Hey guys! I'm here now who's  this pup you've all been talking about?" The pup stopped in his tracks looking at me "Is this her?" he looked to Varian who simply nodded. "Hm." he walked and sat on the opposite side of Tower.

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