The Monster Under Your Bed

Ever wonder how the story about the monster under your bed came to be? This is a tragic tale of Dexter and how his story started it all...


1. Dexter

Hiding, that's what Dexter always did, it was practically his life. Abandoned by his mother, and living with an abusive father who always took out his anger on him ruined the boys life, and because of this soon to be many others...

October 19, 1840


"Where the hell are you Dexter?!"

Screeched my father as he stomped his way around the house looking for me. 
Hearing this I run and hide to my only safe haven which is under my bed, it's the only place that I feel truly safe.
I always keep a pillow and blanket under here because I never know how long I have to wait out my fathers anger, minutes, seconds, or maybe even hours.

When I no longer heard my father I crawled out of my hiding spot and tip-toed down the stairs to see if he was asleep since he always seems to be after his meltdowns.
Seeing him asleep on the couch I decide to head out and find my friend Jaremey. Jaremey is my only friend in this sad and lonely world, she is my sunshine and always pulls me out of the dark when I start to descend into it.

While walking to her house I thought about our costumes for Halloween since it wasn't to far away from now and how fun it would be to go play pranks on people with her since that was what people did at the time.
Halloween for me was like being set free from the chains that held me down in life, and though it was only for one night it felt like a lifetime for me.
When I finally reached Jeramey's house, Jeramey was sitting on her porch smiling at me, and waiting for me to sit with her.




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