my salvation

alex is used to being free and on her own it has been that way ever since she can remember but one night she is chased by a mysteries figure and when she escapes she ends up at night falls school for the gifted she has always felt there was something different about her she has always felt the there is something different about her . is she human? and how gifted are the kids at this new school and what happens when she meets a broken boy named gabriel? can two broken people help heal each other and find love?can she save gabriel from his darkness?


4. 3

​I ofcourse bumped into none other than gabriel . I was pulled close to his chest i could practically feel his heart beating against his chest. I stared into his those deep mesmerizing eyes that seemed to consume you until you couldnt even remember your own name and i got lost. i forgot all about creepy shadows and special powers and his bad attitude . in that one single moment n time it was just me and gabriel and in that single incredible second in time wanted nothing more than for the clock to stop ticking and stay frozen in time. of course it was not possible and way too soon gabriel broke the moment "Shouldnt you be all nice and tucked in like the rest of the good little boys and girls."he said . i blinked a few times trying to bring myself back to reality. “Whatever im really not in the mood to deal with you right now. im leaving now there are too many strange things happening here and i really dont want any part in them" i moved to walk pass him so i could get the hell out of here when i felt him grab me roughly by the arm, i felt my back hit the wall. I felt my heart spead up at our proximity again. i didnt understand why he had such an affect on me, the guy hadnt spoken one nice word since i meet him.He moved both hands beside my head on either side of the side of my head on the wall looking down at me he wispers in my ear “ go ahead and try little girl. I dare you” oh hell no he he thought hre could scare me that easly he was a special brand of stupid “ oh please what are you gonna do lock me in the room. you dont tell me what to do im not afraid of you “ he gave this bone chilling laugh “oh really so i guess you arent afraid of the man chasing you earlier either right. Please by all means if you want to be an idiot and leave the saftey of these walls and walk aimlessly in the middle of the night and expose your self to being attacked again by all means go ill even lead the way.” i glared at him. "You are such an asshole you know that and to think i kinda actually wanted to get to know you .i thought there might be something else underneath all that abd boy attitude but i can see you are just an asshole" i jerked away from him and stomped off in the direction i had come from. 

​As i walked through the hallways searching for the room they had provised i was still upset at my encounter with gabriel. I finally found the room and i walked in. I layed in bed again as much as i hated to admit it gabriel was right, i couldnt just leave in the dead of the night. I didnt know what dangers lurked in the darkness or that man was waiting to strike again. I lay in bed trying not think about gabriel i dont understand how he could have captivated me so quickly. I had to get these things i was feeling for him under control . I had only just meet him and i was already acting like a live sick idiot around him and the guy had been nohing but rude and disrespectful to me and i was no masocist. I had to have something seriously wrong with my head if i continued developing these feeling for him even after the way he treated me. The sun began to rise outside the window signaling the start of a new day. This was my favorite part the colors outside were so beautiful and enchanted and they held such promise. It felt to like the chance at a new beginning , a chance to do better no matter how bad yesterday was.

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