my salvation

alex is used to being free and on her own it has been that way ever since she can remember but one night she is chased by a mysteries figure and when she escapes she ends up at night falls school for the gifted she has always felt there was something different about her she has always felt the there is something different about her . is she human? and how gifted are the kids at this new school and what happens when she meets a broken boy named gabriel? can two broken people help heal each other and find love?can she save gabriel from his darkness?


3. 2.2

Of all the people to the doctor could have sent he sends gabriel. He just stood there with a blank expression oid of any emotion at all. God i couldnt begin to imagine what it would take to break someone so much and completely stripe them of there feeling. "Ready"he says ina rough voice i say goodbye to mrs falcon and head out.

Once we stepped outside i realized the rain had finally stopped. I sighed as we walked in silence and i tried to take in all of my surrounding. It was quit beautiful with all the trees and the main castle like building i saw was straight out of the mideaval times. There was smaller two buildings surrounding it and somehw they matchedthe mideavil castle. As we headed in the direction of the castle i began to get frustrated as gabriel kept walking ahead. I was practically running to try and keep up with him i finally had enough and just stopped "hello would you mind slowing down not all of us can  walk as fast as you" he just kept walking and rolled his eyes. He said "its not my fault you cant keep uo short stuff. You better walk faster if you dont want to get lost" he smirked. Ugh he was so infuriatung i wanted to smack that little smirk right off his face. Surprisingly he did slow down and i was able to catch up to him once we got inside the doors there was a huge staircase that divided in the middle into two seperate wings. We headed up those stairs and to the right we walked down a long hall then turnes at the third door he stopped suddenly "this is where u will be staying its the girls wing anything you need should be there if not go bother someone else thats actually gonna care." He said before he quickly walked off almost at a run.  I just stood there in shock. I opened the door to the room and stepped inside. The room was huge it had a huge bed in the middle and it even had couch. I looked around and found some stuff to sleep in and quickly feel into bed. I had a lot of thinking to do and hopefully a goood night sleep on a confy bed wopuld help get my head straightend. I had had a weird day today. I dont think anybody would believe me if i told them them about my day.

I woke up in the middle of the hot and sweaty. I was awoken by a nightmare. i had been running down the hallways to what i could only assume was this school or at least it felt like it. I was bing chased again by a pale man with the darkest i had ever seen. The out of no where came out gabriel and took the man by the and throat and slammed him on the floor with inhuman strength and i stopped and stood there frozen. I saw fangs protruding out of gabriels mouth and he looked up at me and grinned evilly before he ripped into th me mans throat with his fangs. It had to be the weirdest dream i ever had i looked around disoriented at first and then i remebered where i was at and what had happened. After that awful nightmare i felt wide awake. Ugh so much getting a good night sleep so i could think better in the morning. I decided since i wasnt going to go back to sleep i might as well walk around and get a feel for the place.

As i walked out of the room i felt a sudden chill all over my body. Once again i felt that energy coming from th school almost vibrating through out my whole. I had never felt anything like that before but i ignored it i figured it probably has to do with all my emotions on overload from the day before. I walked a few feet before i came to another hall to my right. I decided to take that hallway to see where it went. As i was walking i felt that chill even stronger than before. I kept walking a little more and when i look up ahead i see that there is a dead end. The wall at the end of the hallway seemed like it began to and i saw black begin to rise from the floor spreading onto the walls like venomous fog infecting the wall. i suppressed the urge to scream and turned around and ran blindly not caring if i got lost.All i wanted was to get away from whatever the hell that thing was and far away from here. i came to an adrupt stop when i hit a wall hard. i hit wall so hard it knocked me down but before i could hit the floor i felt strong arms envelope around me, i realized i hadnt bumped into any wall

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