my salvation

alex is used to being free and on her own it has been that way ever since she can remember but one night she is chased by a mysteries figure and when she escapes she ends up at night falls school for the gifted she has always felt there was something different about her she has always felt the there is something different about her . is she human? and how gifted are the kids at this new school and what happens when she meets a broken boy named gabriel? can two broken people help heal each other and find love?can she save gabriel from his darkness?


2. 2

  I swallowed hard the way she said that sent chills running through out my whole body. "I know you want an explination as to what is going on but first tell me about yourself." "Why do you want to know about me. Look I appreciate you helping me but I'm feeling better now so I'm out. " I started to get up to leave when the director said "I know your secret alex. I know you've been sensing odd stuff and having visions. We can help you understand what's going on with you."I let my self fall back in the chair. I knew there was something different about this school . "Who are you people? What are you people?" She sighed "Well first off my name is Glorianna Falcon. This is a school for kids with speicial gifts like yours. We help them all develope their gifts and control them. Each one of you has very special capablities and i would like to help you develope them and unlock your potential. Please consider staying we would love to have you." I didnt know why but i felt like she knew more about me than she let on. "how do you know all this about me. Ive never told anyone?" I asked i began to fidget, all i really wanted to do run away from this strange place. Everything she was saying kinda made sense which was kinda scary considering the crazy things she was saying. I really wanted to know how she knew all this stuff about me and how much she knew. 

"We sensed an imense power coming off off you. We had you followed by some of our school guards we were trying to find the best way to approach you. We didnt want to frighten you since we could tell you didnt know anything about what you are or your powers." I felt like i wanted to scream what is going on? what was this lady talking about powers and special gifts and what did she mean what i was i was human wasnt i ? Suddenly i got an intense pain in my head. i screamed as the pain intensified and i put my hands to the side of my head trying to stop the agony. "Are you ok"Dr. Duran asked concerned. "Im fine this is just all a little too much especially after what just happened." The director already on here feet said "why dont you stay the night it is still pouring out and its late. Then in the morning once you have had time to think things over you can decide if you want to hear the rest or leave." I thought about it for a couple of seconds i mean that man could still be out there and i didnt have anywhere else to go. I made my decision i just hoped it was the right one. "Ok ill stay for tonight only"i answered nervously. I made sure i emphasized for tonight only. "Ok well i have to go back to the clinic but i will send someone who can show you around and help you find your room and i will like to see you in the morning to make sure you really are fine alexandria" i just nodded as Mrs falcon said "Yes that will be lovely thank you doctor." 

As i sat there waiting i truelly started to wonder if i had made the right decision. This place was so strange and they all seemed even crazier than me. After i got some sleep i am sure i will be able to think more clearly and fully understand what they where trying to tell me. After several minutes passed in silence their came a knock on the door. When the door slowly opened and i saw who it was i couldnt believe it. Ofcourse it would be Gabriel who would escort me.
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